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    Vehicle For Sale Puma 1.7 yr 2000 for sale

    Hi where is the car located ?
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    Part Wanted Rear coilovers

    Anyone got any rear coilovers for sale before i buy new for my sons track car. Will buy a set of fronts and rears if anyone has any. Located as close to Yorkshire as possible but could travel for right parts
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    Vehicle For Sale Ford Puma Thunder 2001

    Is this still available
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    Vehicle For Sale Ford Puma Thunder 2001

    Hi id be interested, how much is it please. PM me your contact details. Thank you
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    SOLD 2001 Moondust Silver 1.7 - Spares or Repair

    Is this still available?
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    New to Puma just bought Millennium 607

    Couple of pics when i got it back to workshop. And one after a bit of a clean under the bonnet
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    Throttle bodies

    The ME221 will a run vvt engine if i remember correctly but will need mapping for vvt. Also the only way to get it running correctly is to have it mapped on a rolling road or live mapped whist someone is driving. A rolling road session is much cheaper than an engine rebuild due to fuelling or...
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    New to Puma just bought Millennium 607

    Just thought id say hello, just bought the above car, needs lots of love to put back to roadworthy. Long term restoration to add to my Ford collection.
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    Puma Millennuim register.

    Number 607 X552VAR restoration project bought by me today. Anyone selling a pair of millennium front seats ?