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    Vehicle For Sale 2002 Ford Puma 1.7 Thunder

    I've owned this car for 7.5 years, in that time its been utterly reliable and great fun. However its time to pass it on, we've outgrown it and getting 2 bicycles in the back is getting tiring! It has MOT until August 2023, and has done approximately 149,000 miles. Good Bits: - Regularly...
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    CV joint stuck in hub

    Thought I’d give this thread one last update. Thanks to mmc757 for the advice, I ended up buying a much beefier hub puller as shown in the photo below. I also removed the entire suspension strut with driveshaft still attached. It might look a bit drastic, but allowing the PlusGas to work its...
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    CV joint stuck in hub

    Thanks to those who replied :) I bought some hub pullers and gave it a go today. Unfortunately they lasted about 10 minutes before the bolt holding them together sheared! I could blame them for being poor quality, but the CV joint is well and truly stuck... Option 1 is to fix the hub pullers...
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    CV joint stuck in hub

    Hi everyone, I’m in the middle of trying to replace a CV boot, however I’m struggling to separate the driveshaft from the hub. I wouldn’t be surprised if the 2 have ever been separated in 19 years. No amount of hammering, Plusgas or swearing can get it to budge... I’ve seen people use hub...
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    MIL Eliminators

    Hi, I've had an engine lamp on for a while now, its related to a P0420 catalytic converter code. Tried replacing the rear lambda but had no success. However, I've heard rumours that this will be an MOT failure from May 2018 onwards! I don't really want to throw more parts at it, it passes MOT...
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    Iddle dropping while pressing the clutch

    Mine does this but only when there is an electrical load on the engine (i.e. heated windscreen is on). Haven't done too much investigating but would be interested to hear if you get it sorted!
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    Puma running poor

    Sorry to bring up an old thread, but did you ever get to the root of the problem? My Puma's engine speeds seems to dip to 600rpm when dipping the clutch and turning the wheel at low speeds. Not quite enough to stall it, but enough to concern me :?
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    Coolant warms up much slower

    I've also noticed that it takes ages to get warm if the heaters are on and its cold outside. I guess this makes sense as the heater is essentially acting as another radiator, so I'm not too worried about it :-)
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    Front wing removal

    Do any of the mods know how to restore the photos in this thread? About to change my front wings so a visual guide would be pretty useful!
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    Welding near Peterborough/ Cambridgeshire area

    Thanks Dal, will check them out (depending on what the MOT man says!)
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    Welding near Peterborough/ Cambridgeshire area

    Hi everyone, whilst working underneath my Thunder I came across a hole near the offside rear suspension beam mount (my finger went through it) :cry: Its not a big hole but if im right in thinking its an mot failure.... I want to get this sorted properly as the rest of the car is pretty rust...
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    Puma 1.7 P0420 fault code - Looking for advice!

    Small update (kind of)... Booked it into the garage, only for the light to go out that morning....typical! Anyway they measured the emissions which it passed so I know the cat is OK, they also connected their OBD2 and found an additional code, P0136 (Ox Sensor Circuit Malfunction (Bank 1 Sensor...
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    Puma 1.7 P0420 fault code - Looking for advice!

    Hi all, Relatively new member looking for a second opinion/advice on my Puma Thunder! Last week my engine warning light illuminated, after connecting my OBD2 connector and using ForScan it highlighted the P0420 - Catalyst System Low Efficiency code. I've noticed that it smells quite rich...
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    Reprogram a remote key fob (central locking)

    Thanks Red! Seems obvious now but as you say the RC circuit board is seperate to the transponder and key blade. So I bought a second hand £6 key from ebay, swopped the circuit board side, followed the steps at the beginning of this thread, and voila...a working key! :grin:
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    Reprogram a remote key fob (central locking)

    My one and only key fob has died! Made even more annoying by the fact I cant unlock it manually on the drivers side! Its a 3 button radio frequency one, changed the battery and tried to reprogramme it with no luck :-( Other than an expensive trip to the dealer, does any have any advice?