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    Suspension query

    I'm fairly sure this is how it is designed, and is there not a gap on the rears too? No plastic cover for the damper weight ?
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    Boot lock activation (or not?):2 solenoids?

    Thanks for letting us know it is fixed !
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    Boot lock activation (or not?):2 solenoids?

    Yog, Thanks for correcting that, and as you point out, that is why I fitted boot the remote release !
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    Boot lock activation (or not?):2 solenoids?

    And... IIRC, when I put a hatch release button on the dash, I connected the slenoid cable to a relay coil, then used the permanent rear wiper supply in the boot to actually drive the solenoic.
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    Boot lock activation (or not?):2 solenoids?

    The problem with the boot lock solenoid may be that the voltage drop from the control to the solenoid through the thin piece of copper masquerading as a cable, does not allow sufficient current to operate the solenoid. On my 2001 Thunder (long gone sadly) not being able to unlock the boot was...
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    Seat Belt Re-Webbing

    I needed to replace my driver's seat belt as it was fraying in two places. Possibilities were a s/h unit from a scrappy, or get it re-webbed. I have had my it rewebbed using "Quickfit Safety Belt Service" They are in High Wycombe, Bucks, and did a "While you Wait" service, which meant I...
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    Deja vu.

    I used the Eibach springs that lower abot 30mm IIRC, with standard damping, and it improved ride and handling in my opinion. Kooked pretty good too !
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    I won a Puma in a Raffle!

    My Old Car, glad to see it running ! I did 80k in it, then sold it to Dan, 5 years ago. FYI I put Eibach springs on it and had the arches done a long time ago (I'll check the warranty, but I think it will have expired !) Keep the shiny side up !
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    Car Mechanics - YouTube Don't know if this has been posted, but a short on the "Real" Puma !
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    Spotted By PC Pete May - Twitter

    Not a good advert for Puma drivers.....
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    Puma Thunder

    This is my old car, sold to Dan. I had it eight years, it has remote boot release, Glove box light, Temperature clock, heated washer jets, also had two new headlights during my time, rebuilt suspension with Eibachs, and two cambelts... Most of my mileage was with a pair of Recaro seats, so...
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    Ford online parts

    In answer to the original question, it my be worth looking at Hendy's:
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    Royal Mail Tractor Unit v Golf

    I agree with both comments. We will probably never find out the facts, as the "Headline News" incident is covered by the media, but not normally the (boring) outcome ! Some doubt was also cast on the veracity of the event on R4 World at One. Happy Xmas to all !
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    Royal Mail Tractor Unit v Golf

    Some of us may have seen the clip, and the quote, " I did not see him". As a once Puma driver, I can say that on a number of occasions I had to take avoiding action because the SUV moved left into the lane that I was occupying, because the driver had looked over the top of my Thunder !
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    The Thunder Leathers certainly upset my back, but as I already had the Recaros, my solution was cost effective. I actually bought the seats in 1989, and only ever replaced the rubber sheet under the seat cushion. As they are not handed, I could swap them from OS to NS to equalise any wear over...
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    Not tried an Rx-8 seat, but when I had my Thunder with the original leather seats I also found them too high. I did have a pair of Recaros (From Recaro, not out of another car) that I had fitted to two different Sierra 4x4s, and a '98 V6 Mondeo, so fitted those. With the Sierra, they had...
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    doors wont open

    On the battery side of the starter solenoid it would work ? Does the boot latch not have a bowden cable between the key cylinder and the boot release, so you should be able to get in the car through the hatch.
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    Black strips along roof

    I did stick one of mine back a few years ago, can't remember what glue I used, but get the curve in the strip to match the curve in the roof before you try and do any sticking.
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    Where is wiper relay?

    Haynes Fiesta manual shows one relay for the rear wiper on diagram 10 for models up to 2000. Fed from F12, and both in the passenger compartment fusebox. There is a photograph of the relays on the reverse of the fusebox, but no indication of which one is which.... For the later model, there...
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    Where is wiper relay?

    How old is your Puma ? Later one's were programmeable so relays might well be different, but is it not in the engine compartment fuse panel, identifiable from the legend on the Lid ?