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    1997 Puma projeckt , with Audi's 1.8t quattro soul

    That's absolutely crazy!! More of this please! Cheers Alex
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    Italian Ford Puma 1.7 for Formula Driver Race

    Hi, I'm following you. in insta. I'm puma_rotrex_project. Regards Alex
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    New Headlight Rubbers

    Thanks for the reply!
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    New Headlight Rubbers

    Hi I sent a pm to buy 1/2 pairs and ask about postage to Greece. Maybe you haven't seen it yet? Alex
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    Hi! I'm reaching you regarding the headlight rubber seals. I live in Greece so is there a way to...

    Hi! I'm reaching you regarding the headlight rubber seals. I live in Greece so is there a way to post them there? I have written in the thread and asked for two sets. If there aren't enough available I can take one. If it's possible to find out the postage cost so I can transfer the while amount...
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    New Headlight Rubbers

    Hi I just saw in just puma fb group about the seals. I would buy 2 sets. And I'd happily pay up a deposit front.
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    1.4 to 1.7 swap

    Hi I just saw the thread. It's a relativley easy swap if you have some small spannering experience. It was the first (and only one) I did. It's been some years but as far as I remember you neeed engine, engine loom, driver side engine mount, 1.7 airbox. 1.7 gearbox is optional but in my opinion...
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    FRP Style Splitter

    Thanks Richard!
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    Puma from Malta

    She looks perfect!
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    FRP Style Splitter

    Great news! Count me in for a piece (provided that the supplier can ship overseas).
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    Charged & Puma'd Mk5 ZetecS

    Sorry to hear that. But looking forward for the continuing of the project with another shell.
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    Camshaft upgrades to 1.7

    Hi pumanoob is Eroll Williams. You can find him in puma owners group in Facebook.
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    1.6 to 1.7 engine swap

    I don't know when the transition was made. You can check under the inlet manifold and beside the starter motor is the engine code engraved on the block. It starts either with MHA or MHB. I guess that you can add a 2nd lamda sensor but you have to change also the engine loom for it to work. But...
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    Puma 1.7 big end bolts - removal tool

    Nice job on the bracket! It's also good that you've accounted for the oil filter and starter motor. Looking forward for this to finish! Alex
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    Puma 1.7 big end bolts - removal tool

    Nice work! Happy to see you're going on with a supercharger. I have a billet mounting bracket for a r53 eaton m45 if you're interested. I bought it from a guy in the Locost forum. I'm going for a Rotrex so I won't need it. If you're interested you can pm me. Good luck with the build! Alex
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    FRP style splitter

    I'm interested at this price Richard. Thanks. Alex
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    FRP style splitter

    Ohh that seems lovely Richard. I'm in Greece. I was joking mostly. I don't think there will be any considerable custom fee. Alex
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    vct/vvt when turbo'd

    Hi. I don't think many have gone through that ECU route so I suspect that it might be difficult to get hold of a map. I don't think in general there that much pumas with aftermarket ECUs and there's a bid dispersion in the brands used (Link, Emerald, Omex etc.) Alex
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    FRP style splitter

    Hi Richard. I'm still interested for a splitter. Just to be precise we're talking about a splitter made for the normal width bumper (not the wider FRP one). I just hope the customs will be kind to me. :grin: Alex
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    Charged & Puma'd Mk5 ZetecS

    Nice progress. I wouldn't be too worried using the oem manifold. You can see that ford itself has used a very similar looking manifold for the 1.6 ecoboost. Small pipes and short distance to the turbo mean quick spool and response. Also regarding the downpipe as far as I know VAG 1.8 20vt...