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  1. Swordsman0000

    loss of acceleration at low RPMs

    Hi all, I'm new to working on cars so any help would be appreciated. Iv recently been having problems with my puma. When trying to accelerate it is jittering, almost bouncing back and forth, and not accelerating until it reaches a higher RPM. Also its making a throbbing sound whilst idling...
  2. Swordsman0000

    silver 1998 1.7

    Hi all, this is my puma! this is my second car after my mk5 fiesta was written off.
  3. Swordsman0000

    Hello form Northampton

    hello all, I recently bought a 1998 silver 1.7 puma as my second car, it needs a little bit of work on the outside (its rather scratched) but I'm currently trying to get all the internals working well! glad to be here :)