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    Two little questions

    I fixed mine back in 2019 for £50 and no rust ever came back. I had rusting on the edges of both rear arches, so ground them back, used Vactan, and then filled them. I then tackled the real cause of that rusting which is inside the car where the inner and outer arches join. Maybe because of...
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    Very hot engine and overheating (help)
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    Not OEM ford parts opinion (like thermostat ecc.)

    Yep, we covered why that is happening to you here - Before throwing any more time and money at this, again, you might want to consider using an OBD II reader in Live Mode. That will tell you what temperature your thermostat opens at...
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    Radio dont work in hot weather HELP

    Having eliminated the radio as the cause of the problem then the symptoms suggest a dry solder joint on the speaker side. Just put an iron to all joints. Any meter testing should only be done in the hot conditions needed for the problem to show itself.
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    temperature gauge too high

    Yes, you can test that for yourself (or take it to a garage) by using OBD on Real Time setting and monitoring the coolant temperatures over time. I've been in a car that did exactly as you describe and it is worrying, but was normal for that car. As a bonus, the OBD readings will also tell you...
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    temperature gauge too high

    Yours is not a normal Puma. In the '97 and '98 Pumas the ECU did not digitally damp down the temp gauge to pretty much stay in the middle. So, what you are seeing on the gauge is normal for the year of your Puma and is actually showing a more accurate water temperature than most later Puma...
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    1.7 for sale

    As that figure would double by the time I had it towed (I checked) then I don't think it's unreasonable of me to ask for photos, so I could see the condition and check the MOT record. Especially as I noticed from your posts that the car had done 120K back in 2011. I'll pass, thanks...
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    Power Steering pipe 'push fit' into union problem

    Many thanks, georgrhode70 :-)
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    Power Steering pipe 'push fit' into union problem

    Thanks for the tips on this. Have you still got the Ebay link or, better still, the part number for the new replacement?
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    1.7 for sale

    Some photos would be really good? Thanks.
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    Connector issue

    In that area, that 2 pin will be for the A/C compressor clutch, I reckon. Plus, the power steering sensor connector is a small 4 pin and I think your dash would tell you if that was out. Best way to tell is to note the colour of the 2 wires. Photo would help. Try this -
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    Purge control valve

    A P1131 doesn't really suggest that problem -
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    Purge control valve

    If you are basing this on getting a P0443 dtc, then maybe try your petrol cap first as it might be loose or need cleaning.