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  1. Edge

    Fuel line part number

    does this help?
  2. Edge

    Advice on purchasing and owning after six years away please

    Hi. Rust is what kills pumas. Arches, sills, floor pan - basically the bottom 6 inches of the car. Ex-pressed steel panels do some panels, but wings, floorpan not available new. Professional welding and fabrication very expensive and will soon exceed the cars value. Best advice is to be very...
  3. Edge

    Engine feels clogged and slow + high idle

    There are a long list of things it could be. High idle suggests idle control valve - replace! Maf sensor - clean. Good luck.
  4. Edge

    Hi from Jersey

    Hi. There are many threads devoted to footwell leaks-have a good read of these for detailed advice. Either aircon pipe or leaks from a grommet in the footwell. You will need to strip the carpet out to trace it. Things like torque settings are in the ford dealer manual. Someone has put a pdf of...
  5. Edge

    Hi from Jersey

    Hello to Jersey from Guernsey. Welcome to Puma ownership and getting used to paying extortionate amounts to get parts delivered to the channel islands. Happy to give advice if needed. 👍
  6. Edge

    Speedo not working

    I have just had a problem with the speedo and fuel system failing. After much diagnostic work it was traced to a set of connectors on the wiring loom that runs on the front of the engine, below the thermostat housing. Where the housing had leaked water had got in the connectors and corroded the...
  7. Edge

    Fuel Pump Issues

    Hi. I am just having my fuel pump replaced as we speak. A few points to note ; fuel pump from Fords is available, but at nearly £500 I would suggest a good aftermarket brand. You will need to drop the tank - this is not hard, but you may end up needing new bolts, there is a plastic fitting...
  8. Edge

    Fibreglass Panels - Potential New Supplier

    Would be good if you could do heavier duty parts as well. With wings etc not available in metal, having a heavier duty frp as a direct replacement would be good.
  9. Edge

    Guernsey puma

    Thought I would get around to adding my puma. I bought it from the original owner (he had it for 20 years) under lock down. Had it shipped to guernsey and registered here. I have since spent a ridiculous amount chasing out the rust and renewing the mechanics. I guess it's a keeper!
  10. Edge

    Howling noise from fuel pump after tank replaced

    Be wary of how the fuel filter joins the tank. It connects via a short plastic pipe that becomes brittle over time. I replaced mine with proper flexible fuel pipe and clips, with proper mount for the filter.
  11. Edge

    Howling noise from fuel pump after tank replaced

    The early tanks, up to about November 2000 had metal baffles and a curved fuel pipe connector. After this the tank had plastic baffles and a straight fuel pipe connector. The pump and sender sits at a different angle inside the different tanks. If you have fitted the incorrect tank the different...
  12. Edge

    Advice for repainting propellor wheel centre caps

    Fantastic thanks. I reckon for the cost of a can of paint i'll refurbish the caps I have, and if any more break look to replace them in the future. We're fresh 'new' ones (I assume NOS) expensive at the time? ones (I assume NOS) expensive at the time? Hi. When painting the old caps do clean them...
  13. Edge

    Advice for repainting propellor wheel centre caps

    The colour is moondust silver and lots of places do it - look on amazon. Do assess if they are worth saving as they become brittle. I bought 2 new ones from ford last year - may still be available from there. Good luck.
  14. Edge

    New Headlight Rubbers

    I would like a set as well please. 👍