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    URGENT HELP! Front spring recommendations.

    I have seen full sets of H&R spring around but they seemed quite expensive. On my puma I have TA technix springs and struts that I bought as a kit, I'm quite happy with them even if they are a bit harsh but I can imagine them being worse than the ones you had before. You can get a full set of...
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    Sold Interior for Sale

    Hey might be a bit of a stretch but do you think it would be possible to ship some of the parts to France ? I would pay for shipping obviously.
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    AP coilovers or TA technix ?

    Thanks for all your answers, i ended up going with some TA Technix suspension wIth short springs, so far so good I have had them on about 1000KM, I will post a thread about them when I have drove the a bit more, but for 300€ I would say they are a great deal !
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    AP coilovers or TA technix ?

    Sadly the front suspension on my puma is ont it's way out so I want to put in some coilovers ! I have heard lots of great thing about AP coilovers so they are an obvious choice, But I can get my hands on a set of TA Technix for about 300€ less than the AP's. I have heard mixed reviews some great...
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    Introduction from france

    It's true that the front bumper isn't in the best nick 🤣 the rash is from my gf hitting a post and the missing badge was like that when I bought it, the past owner seems to have had a small hit on the left side that put a small hole in the bumper and broke the front grill in half, but tbh I have...
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    Introduction from france

    Hi I am finally getting around to posting a quick introduction after lurking on the forums for a while, I purchased my puma about 1 years ago and have truly fallen in love ! I live in the south west of France. I currently own a silver 1.7 puma that has just over 190000km and is in pretty good...