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  1. Lostbarbel

    Wheel needed

    Hi Tonio. Its Peter from Herefordshire who enquired about a wheel for a 2001 Ford Puma. Hope you had a good holiday. Can you text me a telephone number I can contact you on to arrange details. My number is 07951 870559. Thanks
  2. Lostbarbel

    Wheel needed

    That suits me fine. If you could also arrange courier I'd be more than grateful and of course would cover any cost involved with a bit more on top to cover your time and trouble. Let me know when your back and have a great holiday. Stay safe.
  3. Lostbarbel

    Wheel needed

    Hi Tonio. I Would you be prepared to sell me one of your good ones. I'm in Herefordshire so would have to arrange a courier to get it to me but obviously I would pay the price of that plus the price of the wheel. How much do you want for one? Thanks
  4. Lostbarbel

    Wheel needed

    Does anyone have or know where I can buy a nine spoke wheel for my 2001 1.7 silver Puma?
  5. Lostbarbel

    Ford Puma Bits

    Hi - any electric wing mirrors in mondust silver?
  6. Lostbarbel

    Ford puma 2002 silver being broken ( Somerset)

    Hi - do you have a set of electric wing mirrors?
  7. Lostbarbel

    Puma passenger side wing mirror

    Does anyone have an electric passenger side wing mirror assembly in Moondust Silver that I can buy - can't seem to find one anywhere!
  8. Lostbarbel

    How to : Replace your Heater Control Valve (HCV)

    Great! Particularly useful as the plastic outlet pipe has just sheared off. Fortunately was in a traffic jam right outside a garage. They were able to disconnect both hoses and connect them together using a piece of steel pipe Of the right diameter I just happened to have in the boot! Got me...
  9. Lostbarbel

    Should I publicise this information........?

    Buy now while stocks last!
  10. Lostbarbel

    cambelt fitting

    I have been quoted a similar figure for my 1.7 including water pump.
  11. Lostbarbel

    Do I need a waxing!

    I should have said that for my £80 he gave the underside two coats
  12. Lostbarbel

    Which tyres?

    Thanks guys.
  13. Lostbarbel

    Which tyres?

    Can someone tell me which tyres were fitted as standard on 2001 1.7 model Pumas or recommend alternatives. Thanks.
  14. Lostbarbel

    Scapping 17 year old Silver Puma-13/10/17 WILTSHIRE

    Have you a passenger side wing mirror unit?
  15. Lostbarbel

    Aluminium Scuff Plates wanted

    Thanks YOG, got a pair from Lockwood. Delivered within 48 hours - not bad!
  16. Lostbarbel

    Do I need a waxing!

    Just been waxed! My guy cleaned everything underneath and says he then used a gallon of wax. Unlike Gimmickyflea my guy charged £80... But it saved me from trying to do it without a ramp in the cold and wet. Yes, it smelled a bit initially but this wore off after a few days and he told me it...
  17. Lostbarbel

    Aluminium Scuff Plates wanted

    Thanks guys. Had seen the Ford parts but was put off by the price. May well go for the Lockwoods and take your advice about the Velcro. Nice tip. Cheers all
  18. Lostbarbel

    Aluminium Scuff Plates wanted

    Have been trying to locate a pair of aluminium scuff plates for my Ford Puma for a coupe of months now but without success. PumaBuild have only one new one and one damaged one, PumaSpeed don't have any and can't track any down on Ebay or Google. Anyone have any ideas or a couple they don't want?
  19. Lostbarbel

    Hello !

    Stunning car, stunning colour - stunning scenery! Enjoy!
  20. Lostbarbel

    New Puma Owner

    Looks nice and clean!