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    R230OMJ bought new

    No. Keep for posterity or move on but don’t expect much at all, a little something only.
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    Boot Won't Open

    A good clean normally makes it work if suddenly stops.
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    2000 Ford Puma 1.7

    A 14 year old cambelt has to be changed, should have been done years ago, the miles don’t matter at all however low as belt perishes and will break. Gates only give you 3 years and low mileage, Ford much longer but their belts no longer available so had to fit Gates to ours. Enjoy it when finished.
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    Gaydon Gathering October 10th

    Should be there with Silver Puma bought new in 2001, travelling back from a holiday but as time is from 5pm to 8 should make this one. Gary
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    Just had first problem in many many years happen this afternoon. Fire-up the engine and the...

    Just had first problem in many many years happen this afternoon. Fire-up the engine and the traction control and ABS fascia lights stay on for first time ever. Off, on not altered it. Don’t hear the Bosch abs self testing when drive off. Is this likely to be a failed sensor on the abs causing...
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    Cambelt manufacturers?

    Here is Gates terms.
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    Cambelt manufacturers?

    ⚠️ Fitted them to our Puma last year. Only issue is the none Ford cam belt kit guarantee is rubbish compared to Fords being only 2 years or 30,000 miles against the Ford kit that was 5 years or double that mileage?! Not changing ours every 2 years, had the car from new.
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    Puma kick plate

    Ours fitted ok and used tape as it came on them. Sills are very good so any minor water it may trap won’t do them any harm. Would have liked to have kept to original plates but these look good and give greater protection.
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    Puma kick plate

    I have bought those end of last week and fitted to both sides of our Puma today so not odd, passenger side was like new but changed to match. They look really good, excellent buy when needed. 👍
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    Puma kick plate

    Thanks for that link grogee. I have looked at those but I am trying to get the original ford puma ford kick plate only for drivers side so it remains original and matches the original nearside. Doing some work on the offside sill and the kick plate needs to be replaced as can't be saved. There...
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    Puma kick plate

    Hi all, I am doing some corrosion repair work on our very good condition 20 year old Pumas drivers side sill to bring it back to new but I need a new replacement scuff plate to fit back on. Does anyone have this kick plate please that I can have? Thank you for your assistance.
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    Puma passenger door lower screw cap needed please

    Hello, I am looking to obtain a lower screw cover grey cap just above the the passenger door pocket but below the armrest. Does anyone have one available please? Ours has disappeared somehow. Thank you. :grin: Our Puma is 20 years old in very good condition and trying to keep it that way.
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    Values rise for Ford Puma 1.7 Thunder

    Mail taken it from Classic Cars reporting so someone in their motoring section thought it worthy of noting top 10 1980’s come 1990’s car to buy why reasonable provided in good starting point condition. (Daily Mirror and Star are by far the worst U.K. newspapers)
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    Values rise for Ford Puma 1.7 Thunder

    10. Ford Puma (1997-2001) Available from: £1,000 MotorEasy says to watch out for: Cooling & heating system, braking system issues In June this year Ford revealed its latest Puma - a chunky looking SUV. That model is a million miles away from the original Puma, released in 1997. And it’s the...
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    Values rise for Ford Puma 1.7 Thunder

    Ours is 100% original, all in A1 condition outside and in without fussing over it. Changing original front disc brakes next June at annual service when 19 years old (on 75K this years service) with original exhaust still on working fine. Just replaced tyres, wipers, two bulbs, fluids and cambelt...
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    Values rise for Ford Puma 1.7 Thunder

    We’ve got our silver 2001 1.7 with lux pack with an agreed insurance value of £3,000 this month. They said we could insure it for more but that would need further communications evidence to agree a higher figure if they were happy to. No rust or damage always dealer serviced which helped the...
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    Values rise for Ford Puma 1.7 Thunder

    Agree. Don’t think they will ever make big money, unless the Racing that already is, but if in very good condition will be worth a little, certainly more than depreciating to zero that the majority have as trashed and rotted into the ground!
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    Values rise for Ford Puma 1.7 Thunder

    Values are alway tricky to really nail on. However we have a 2001 1.7 moondust silver in A1 condition had from new a few thousand below 80,000 miles and have an agreed insurance value of £3000 should anything untoward happen. I’ve seen them approaching £3,500 for such mint condition cars...