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    New, and need help.

    Yes, the original offside strut was different to most struts in that it could carry a current internally. The Ford replacement o/s struts (when they used to supply them) were 3 times more expensive than n/s struts. Some people using (cheaper) pattern replacement ignored the wires and didn't...
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    FRP locking issues

    I had a similar problem which was due to the boot actuator solenoid becoming weak due to aging. Inspection in situ suggested it was OK but it's hard to tell until it's compared with a new one. Because the actuator unit can only be removed after taking off the rear bumper section and then...
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    Sold 2002 1.7 Mid Steel Blue £500 MOT to 30/06/2024

    The wife’s Puma has passed it’s MOT this week but only after an initial fail and some hard decisions about the future. Following discussions with the garage we decided to do enough to pass the MOT as we’re not able to accommodate a full restoration (time/money constraints). The offside rear...
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    Boot lock activation (or not?):2 solenoids?

    Thankfully the problem is solved. It was a broken wire causing an intermittent connection. As usual, the fault only occurred at the most inconvenient time and not when testing the circuit - until yesterday; a great relief. Thanks everyone for your inputs.
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    Boot lock activation (or not?):2 solenoids?

    Ok, so I'm an idiot. Ignore my earlier post. There is only one solenoid and it's separate from the push button lock. Having removed the lock from the car to my bench I can see it is just a lock with a couple of microswitches. Have checked all the functions with a meter I've found everything...
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    Boot lock activation (or not?):2 solenoids?

    Boot push button (on rear of car, not key fob) stopped working. It pushes in but nothing happens. Key fits in easily and turns. Recently replaced the weakening activator solenoid (located on left of vehicle and required removing rear bumber to replace) with a new, very strong one (£37 & made in...
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    Keeping it on the road

    Firstly, apologies if this post is on the wrong thread. The title of the post isn't about driving badly! It's about keeping my wife's 2002 1.7 Puma running with MOT looming in June. Owned since 2013 and now with 60k on the clock, (1 previous owner and I've always serviced it every 5000 miles)...
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    Standard Exhaust system

    I'm preparing for the day I need to replace the exhaust system. As I want to keep the car as original as possible I want to avoid "loud 'n proud" or performance enhancing after market systems. Boring I know, but the car's in a very good condition having been cherished by both owners (now my...
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    HOW TO:- Rear Wheel Bearing Change

    When attempting to remove the ABS sensor ring use a small block of wood to use as a fulcrum close to the tip of your screwdriver. This enables the levering action of the screwdriver tip be more in line with the direction of required travel and also provides more control. I was looking to uses a...
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    Fitting External Temp Sensor & Fiesta Ghia X Clock

    I've just used this excellent guide to fit an external temp sensor clock. A couple of further points which may be of benefit. The first concerns removing the lower radiator grill. I used a length of stiff wire (I had some stainless steel 4mm dia wire laying around) with the end 15mm bent 90...
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