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  1. Cubatoo

    3 Puma's at Hook Norton Classics meet 14/04/24

    I think they are generally on the 2nd Sunday of the month unless you hear differently. News might appear in the General Meets section if the date is going to change.
  2. Cubatoo

    3 Puma's at Hook Norton Classics meet 14/04/24

    Great stuff John. Afraid I am keeping my Puma on light duties at the moment as the new cambelt is appearing to be elusive and the daily driver is still in the garage! We will return to Hook Norton though as we really enjoyed it last time.
  3. Cubatoo

    New, and need help.

    Hello and welcome. I don't have a boot brake light on mine but have you checked the contacts in the rim of the boot, they are 4 metal rectangles boxed together. If they are too dirty then the contact buttons in the boot lid won't be able to make contact properly and the power won't flow. If that...
  4. Cubatoo

    LED bulbs (for all) have a look at the link above as it has LED headlight info. Sorry can't get rid of bold type!
  5. Cubatoo

    Clutch problems

    I don't think the cold running and the warm running are related. From cold it seemed that my Puma would sometimes rev at 2000+ and woukd need me to blip the throttle as it seemed to have stuck open. Sometimes I had to hook my foot under the throttle pedal and lift it to stop the revving. The...
  6. Cubatoo

    Puma Millennium W965 RDU

    Quite right too.
  7. Cubatoo

    Puma Millennium W965 RDU

    Well done all round! I am thinking my petrol tank is going to need love as I filled the tank up recently and now It smells of petrol with the cap closed!
  8. Cubatoo

    Noise from suspension bushes

    I ha e had powerflex all round for probably about 10 years My rear suspension and axle conventional bushes were shot before I replaced them so I can't really remember what they were like! I remember afterwards that it felt much better and tightened up. I suppose the ride is quite firm but I...
  9. Cubatoo

    What are you driving now?

    I guess you have seen this thread , but just in case....
  10. Cubatoo

    Non starter

    How is your battery, they don't like being sat around. I had to have new ones each time mine was laid up.
  11. Cubatoo

    No ABS light - help!

    My ABS light stopped working because the sensor needed replacing. There was nothing wrong with the light.
  12. Cubatoo

    Clips to hold the parcel shelf strings!

    I think your problem may be that you are not pushing the shelf holders far enough into the slot. it's hiw I broke the strings in the first place as for the first time ever I failed to secure the shelf property and came loose and got stuck in the tailgate when I opened it again! Push the rubber...
  13. Cubatoo

    Pumesta mk5 1.7 French

    Just catching up with your posts, desolee un peu en retard! J'aime beacoup les pneus de Toyo! (In English, sorry a bit late, I love Toyo tyres )
  14. Cubatoo

    Puma Century Ltd Edition WANTED

    Never heard of that marque before. Is it one that was only available in mainland Europe? I know we did not get all the colours over here
  15. Cubatoo

    Date change for March meet at the Hook Norton brewery.

    Glad we all managed to fit! Good to see you John, thanks for the tour. Good also to meet the other John again and catch up on Dave, we finally meet!
  16. Cubatoo

    What are you driving now?

    This is the state of my poor Mini One designated daily driver. It is in the garage being mended because some jerk in a BMW 5 hit it on the front offside and totalled the wing, headlight and steering! So my daily driver at the moment is the trusty Puma!
  17. Cubatoo

    classicars on Puma Have a look in this thread. You can see where the rustproofing wax comes out which might give you some idea where to look on the underside for them!
  18. Cubatoo

    European Puma Meet.

    I would love to do that but it is always on when I am on holiday - already booked. Will keep in mind for next year!
  19. Cubatoo

    Ford Puma TV advert

    Me either! Remember this being on'telly. Forgot that he gives it a pat at the end, awww! Moondust with prop wheels yay! My personal favourite options.
  20. Cubatoo

    Also Hello from Belgium!

    Hello and welcome to you. Sorry to hear about your first Puma. Please post us some pics :cool: