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    Hi !

    Welcome to our corner of the Internet
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    The American Puma - Rough Idle

    I hope you get it sorted. It can be tricky tracking down these kinds of issues.
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    What car have you been obsessing about today?

    Any particular flavour in mind?
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    What car have you been obsessing about today?

    And is that what you've been obsessing over?
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    ET51 through MOT

    I thought this post was going to have something about an uneven wheel offset :LOL:
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    FRP 107/500 in Youtube ‘PowerArt’

    I enjoyed watching it, even if my Spanish is limited.
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    Panther black Puma from Prague

    Hope you get it back up and running soon! Here in the UK we don't hand the registration plates in as such, we have something called statutory off road notification "SORN" which is where you don't have to pay the annual vehicle tax because you've declared that the car will not be used.
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    Puma Millennium W965 RDU

    Looking good, some great effort going into it! Random side comment, nice pair of 6.5s
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    Noise from suspension bushes

    Bushes and top mounts are certainly common for wear and noise as they get older, they aren't overly expensive to have replaced individually but if you're doing it all in one go at a garage it'd certainly add up. I assume you've checked the spare wheel and tray to make sure it's not moving a little?
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    Puma Millennium W965 RDU

    That's really brought it to life! Do you use a ceramic coat afterwards?
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    The Fireblade

    Yep, this year hopefully we'll get that up some more! I've done 17,542 miles in the 7 years I've owned it which is probably higher than a lot of riders but it's really tailed off since I stopped commuting on it. It doesn't owe me anything so I'm fine with it being retired into fair weather fun...
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    The Fireblade

    132 miles between the MOTs this time! Passed nicely and hopefully get a few more miles on this year now I've the replaced the radiator and fitted a guard to it.
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    Clutch Replacement

    Hands off, I've been first dibs for what feels like a decade :D
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    Puma Century Ltd Edition WANTED

    Yes that's right, it was a mainland edition, similar to their Sports / Futura editions too
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    1.4 Puma

    I can't stand universal car mats! I always go for the manufacturer version if they are still available, your custom ones look quite neat though, but I do like them to have floor fixings so that they don't slide forward..
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    1.4 Puma

    We never had a version with steel wheels in the UK, the alloy wheels look like a good choice. Yours looks in great condition after the polish!
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    My 1.6 Puma (2001)

    Nice looking Puma :) I've never driven the 1.6 - the first Puma I bought was advertised as a 1.6 but as in reality a 1.7 when I went to view it.
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    classicars on Puma

    Welcome to the site, that is indeed unbelievably low mileage! Up to you have you want to use it, sounds like it'd give years of service as a daily. There's a few threads on the forum all about what people have done in terms of rust prevention, it usually involves a ramp, wire brush and some...
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    Part Wanted Recaro Seats

    I think they should fit from a UK spec, I'm sure I've seen LHD seats put into an RHD car and also seats swapped from the drivers side to the passenger side. (The UK is in Europe btw)
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    To be or not to be..

    Yes they are the same, it's a similar question to this one Your car is looking good,