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  1. John Woodward

    Hook Norton Classics 14/07/24

    Really pleased that you both enjoyed today at Hooky, as you said, everything about it is good. As you know, we go to a lot of regular monthly meetings and this is our favourite place.
  2. John Woodward

    Hook Norton Classics 14/07/24

    This morning we had just 3 Puma's at Hook Norton Classics meet at the brewery. Kenzo_K brought his Red Puma along for the first time and his car received quite a lot of attention. There were several hundred other cars there and it was another enjoyable meeting.
  3. John Woodward

    Know the build date and specifications of your Puma

    This site, will if you enter your vin number, give you the details, as well as the parts information.
  4. John Woodward

    "A Symbol Of Everything Wrong With Cars Today - 1997 Ford Puma".

    The average age of Puma owners is probably higher than most of what people think, last year the show manager at Gaydon museum said he thought at the time, that nobody over 40 owned a Puma, as his son owns one, now he understands, the 2 of us there on Tuesday evening were both over 70 !
  5. John Woodward

    "A Symbol Of Everything Wrong With Cars Today - 1997 Ford Puma".

    Yes, it really explains why we all love driving a Puma.
  6. John Woodward


    Would be a lot of work for someone.
  7. John Woodward

    Electric window problem - easy fix

    I managed to get the connectors on the driver's side switch, the wrong way round once, had me confused for a few minutes.
  8. John Woodward

    Locking Petrol Cap Maintenance

    I had to dismantle one to change the barrel. I would recommend some 3in1 oil, as WD40 can evaporate and the problem will return.
  9. John Woodward

    Gaydon Gathering July 9th. 2024

    Be good to see you again Dave, the clock you needed already in my Puma, incase you're at tomorrows Gaydon Gathering.
  10. John Woodward

    Bearings fail one after another..

    I was not aware of that information, so thank you YOG. Wheel bearings can be a problem, as there a lot of cheap ones around, and they can be fake, even stamped with SKF or Timken, on my Fiesta XR2 based kit car, I was changing rear bearings every year, then purchased a set of old stock...
  11. John Woodward

    Gaydon Gathering July 9th. 2024

    Really hope you can make it for the Old Ford Rally, I'm hoping we can get more than the 5 of us that were there last year.
  12. John Woodward

    Today at Stow motor show

    Just my Puma at today's Stow-on-the-Wold Motor Show , the other one who was going to join us, (Kenzo K), decided quite wisely that it was too wet, which it was really, but the sun did come out in the afternoon.
  13. John Woodward

    Stalling at junctions

    A quick Google search found this, It may help you to get to the cause of the DTC.
  14. John Woodward

    Introducing Rouge One

    Be great to see you at Gaydon for the Old Ford rally. I used an Elring cam cover gasket when I had the Thunder, as oil was filling up around the spark plugs. I spent a lot of time cleaning the 2 surfaces and used the old school trick of using petroleum jelly to hold the gasket into place...
  15. John Woodward

    Witney Motor show 2024

    Just 2 Puma's at yesterday evening's Witney Motor Show 2024 , the chairman of Witney Motor club with his black Puma that he uses for Auto tests and Trials and we had my MSB Puma. A very good evening with hundreds of cars in attendance.
  16. John Woodward

    Here I am, and my Puma 🤟

    The first one I saw was a Red Puma, in a customers back garden driveway. My Red Puma has done just over 100k miles and only failed one MOT, the only welding was when I had the rear arch panels replaced last year. The Medium Steel blue Puma is on 66k miles, not used during the winter and always...
  17. John Woodward

    Here I am, and my Puma 🤟

    Welcome to the Forum, I must admit that I really like the Puma in red, that's why I have one, as well as a Medium Steel blue one, they are just great cars to drive, quite addictive.
  18. John Woodward

    Old FORD rally, Gaydon museum, 21/07/24

    Final reminder. Sunday 21st July, Old Ford Rally at the British Motor Museum at Gaydon. The event is for pre 95 Ford cars etc. but we are allowed to enter our Puma's and park in a different area, which worked very well last year. Tickets cost £10 per car including driver and one passenger, this...
  19. John Woodward

    Random Aggressive pulling/ instability when braking

    Really pleased to hear that you've got it sorted.
  20. John Woodward

    Help needed

    As far as I know it's the production tag, the R is for right hand drive, I understand.