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  1. red

    Oil Cooler

    Black Knight was last seen here in 2014, so it's unlikely that they'll be back. Maybe someone else has done something similar.
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    Things not to do with off raw chicken

    That smell is putrid, no one needs that, especially not at a BBQ with people already weird about chicken on the bone.
  3. red

    Ford Fair 2023

    Click @Roomy's name and choose Start conversation
  4. red

    Ford Fair 2023

    I think you need to message Hannah for it so that it's not advertised out in the wild.
  5. red

    New Headlight Rubbers

    @Cubatoo I wouldn't have thought so, @ArtfulHussy is used to organising these across the fora rather than everyone having to go through the same.
  6. red

    Puma Millennium W965 RDU

    Good luck!
  7. red

    I have just bought the ugliest car in the known universe

    It'll do the job... Looks like it has some reasonable spec with it's alloys and front fog lights, and certainly at least in my opinion not as ugly as a few others in that category.
  8. red

    Grumbles, moans and rants

    Loyalty to any organisation seems to mean absolutely nothing.
  9. red

    New Headlight Rubbers

    They've clearly heard about you in advance :LOL:
  10. red

    Glad to be here!!!

    Welcome to the site
  11. red

    The Fireblade

    Certainly been a Honda rider for a while! That R1 was a 5JJ, it was my brothers, I borrowed it a few times and it's certainly more aggressive to ride than the Honda.. then again so's his current bike which is also an R1 (in the photo)
  12. red

    Editing posts from old forum

    I also don't understand why it's a troublesome question to at least provide an answer. Editing your old posts isn't required often and I do also appreciate it from the other perspective as to why you might not want older posts edited for preservation reasons.
  13. red

    For sale protocol?

    Just see how you go, though I'm sure the owners appreciate any contributions.
  14. red

    Tight Install

    That's a pretty neat way of getting it in there, doesn't look too bodged in like some of them can. Good work on your first post.
  15. red

    Cam belt change 1.7 Thunder

    Can't comment about garages but they're referring to the cam locking tool and timing process.
  16. red

    For sale protocol?

    I've approved the advert.
  17. red

    Card being declined.

    You can, but I'm sure you'd then check it with PayPal directly if the card wasn't working. FWIW I've not tried to subscribe, I did see that the prices were quoted in dollars though, maybe that's causing the issue.
  18. red

    What are you driving now?

    What's drawn you from the 320 to the Q3? I'm still going with my Fireblade, had that 6 years and done 16,000 miles on it in that time... 2017-2018 I did 8,300.. it's changed from being a commuter to occasional use, 2022- 2023 it did 390 miles 😧
  19. red

    New Headlight Rubbers

    I'm going to have a look at restarting it, see what we've got as a starting count and check that the quote for production is still similar.
  20. red

    Editing posts from old forum

    @TechAdmin - could you take another look at the post editing options?