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  1. John Woodward

    Ford Puma 1.7 Oil Filter

    But some oil filters have non return valves and some don't, I'd be wary about fitting anything that wasn't listed for the Puma.
  2. John Woodward

    Boot lock seized???

    I have read on the Facebook group of people having to keep trying the WD-40 for several days, I was fortunate that mine started to work within about 15 mins of turning the key both ways.
  3. John Woodward

    Boot lock seized???

    Sorry, can't keep up with everything, was only trying to help !
  4. John Woodward

    Boot lock seized???

    On both of my Puma's they key wouldn't unlock the boot, in both cases, I kept spraying in WD-40 & using the non remote key (master key ?) eventually managed to get them to unlock, the used 3in1 oil, then spray grease to keep it lubricated. Another option is to fit a boot release switch on the...
  5. John Woodward

    Workshop manual?

    Very good, I've no idea how you've done it. Its a pity we can't host this type of file on here, as there is a lot of useful stuff on the Facebook group, which I've downloaded. On the other side, the "How to Guides" on here are really helpful and I and others have shared them to the Facebook group.
  6. John Woodward

    Workshop manual?

    Unfortunately the file is too big to send by email. You would need to join the group to be able to access the files. I used to use a different name to access a Facebook account, so you could try that. As I was into classic Mini's, I registered as Austin Morris ! There are a lot of Puma related...
  7. John Woodward

    Gaydon Gathering 08/10/23

    Be good to see you again Sarah, I'll try and remember the silicone spray for your sticking window.
  8. John Woodward

    Specialist database

    I suspect this list is well out of date.
  9. John Woodward

    Gaydon Gathering 08/10/23

    Tickets are now available for the last Gaydon Gathering of this year. We usually get a few Puma's there.
  10. John Woodward

    Part Wanted Parcel Shelf fixing

    I have used small "O" rings to stop the strings coming off.
  11. John Woodward

    Alton Classic car show 16/09/23

    There were just 3 of us at today's Alton Classic car show, held in the High Street and other roads in the town centre. Frazer Massey with his lovely Melina Blue Puma, Mark Heiford with his fantastic Red Puma and myself in my not so perfect Red Puma. Also a pleasure to meet Paul Susans , even...
  12. John Woodward

    Spotted, Oxfordshire today.

    Spotted today, a Medium Steel blue 1.6 Puma on the roundabout at Chipping Norton (A361/A44 junction) reg. no. MT51WVM, heading towards Long Compton. I didn't see it myself, but apparently it was very tidy. Anyone on here ?
  13. John Woodward

    Out and about

    Kevin Leek will be there with his Rally Puma as well. Anyone else would be most welcome, it's a very friendly group and a great location.
  14. John Woodward

    Gaydon Gathering Tuesday September 12th. 2023

    We had 3 Puma's at this evening's Gaydon Gathering. Carl from Maidenhead in his Silver Puma, Kevin Leek in his red Rally Puma and my Medium Steel blue Puma.
  15. John Woodward

    Cowley Classic Car Show

    Mark It was really good to meet you at the show, hope to see you and your car soon.
  16. John Woodward

    Out and about

    Looks really good Mark, hope you can still make it to Hook Norton Classics meet at the brewery on Sunday morning from 10 to 12 30. I'll be there from about 9.30.
  17. John Woodward

    Oil & Air Con leak

    A common area to leak oil on the engine is the cam cover gasket, but it could be any seal or gasket. I don't have an FRP, but I had my 1.7 serviced by Chris Allison at , who takes the engine and gearbox out and does a very thorough comprehensive service and now...
  18. John Woodward

    Advice for repainting propellor wheel centre caps

    I'm not a great fan of Halfords, but their rattle cans are not a bad match and they stock Moondust silver, which I've used on wheels with reasonable success, when finished with clear lacquer.
  19. John Woodward

    From barn find to passing the MOT

    We'll done, the Puma's are great cars, can't imagine not having one to drive.
  20. John Woodward

    Gaydon Gathering Tuesday September 12th. 2023

    It's very straightforward to book, it runs from 5pm until it finishes, earlier now it's getting dark earlier . We normally park on the left as you come down into the car park, backing onto the grass, with the Banbury Classic vehicle Natter group, as Kevin and myself are both members.