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  1. Wild E. Coyote

    1997 Puma projeckt , with Audi's 1.8t quattro soul

    This is epic. You wouldn't happen to be connected to Toyota Gazoo Racing Rally team, somehow? I mean, the ammount of modifications is just on next level!👏👏👏👏👏 PS: What widebody parts are you using and where did you source them, please?
  2. Wild E. Coyote

    Panther black Puma from Prague

    Very nice indeed! Love the black puma!
  3. Wild E. Coyote

    Engine parts compatibility?

    IIRC the 1.4 and 1.6 engines are visually the same. So, if you don't tell, noone will know it is 1.6 inside:cool:
  4. Wild E. Coyote

    Puma Millennium W965 RDU

    Driveshaft seal on gearbox, perhaps, then?
  5. Wild E. Coyote

    Puma radio wiring 6006E

    Just saw this. If you need it still, I will have to dig out the old laptop with TIS on it. Let me know, please
  6. Wild E. Coyote

    Puma Millennium W965 RDU

    That is one proprely tidy engine bay there...!😎
  7. Wild E. Coyote

    New Headlight Rubbers

    Emma, can I chip in? My efforts to get it shipped out of UK were not fruitful, but my son is moving to Brackley so he will have a UK adress. I would need one set (both headlamps, obviously), when I have the adress, I will contact you. Ta in advance,
  8. Wild E. Coyote

    Suspension query

    There should be a plastic cover.
  9. Wild E. Coyote

    Water outlet + thermostat assembly

    TBH, plastic and rubber parts which are not made by Ford are crap. They deteriorate quicker and sometimes are so poorly made that even installing them can be a challenge. I agree that 95 GBP is a ripp off, but if you want a relative peace of mind...
  10. Wild E. Coyote

    Which power steering fluid and how much?

    I am using just some Mannol automatic transmission fluid for over 4 years I believe without any issues. Any automatic tranissmion fluid should be more than ok
  11. Wild E. Coyote

    Part Wanted Steering pipe (Part no 1127271) needed asap.

    I had mine redone by a hydraulic specialist. He improved on design making it a three piece design. You can check it out in my thread.
  12. Wild E. Coyote

    Running rich

    How is your lambda probe? I would look into the raw voltage. IIRC, at 0.5V it should be lambda=1. Lower voltage would give lean mixture (lambda >1), and over 0.5 it would give rich conditions (lambda <1). As you can see these are very low voltage outputs and say your contact is not ideal and you...
  13. Wild E. Coyote

    New Headlight Rubbers

    Ou suggestion from YOG, I am after a simmilar arangement for Croatia and a pair, please?
  14. Wild E. Coyote

    New Headlight Rubbers

    Ta for the info for us old farts not using FB! Out of curiosity, any idea on price for us abroad (namely Croatia here)?
  15. Wild E. Coyote

    Ford puma oil ?

    Yup, Ford Formula F (I believe now they have rebranded it as Motorcraft Formula F)
  16. Wild E. Coyote

    Melina Blue Project

  17. Wild E. Coyote

    Melina Blue Project

    I hope you have cleaned the hubs before slapping on new discs. If not, they will 100% develop vibrations. The hubs need to be clean of all rust. In ideal world you should use Wheel hub cleaning set 1 or something similar. In real word some wire brush, sand paper and lots of effort are needed...
  18. Wild E. Coyote

    Melina Blue Project

    TBH, I used focus Mk1 rear disc setup with 257 mm rear solid discs. I guess that might be the same?I do remember I had to enlarge opening on splash shields to accomodate for ABS sensors. And I would KEEP the splash shields... But it looks about right!
  19. Wild E. Coyote

    New Headlight Rubbers

    If you could me put me in for a pair as well, please?
  20. Wild E. Coyote

    Project - Father & Son

    One really nice car there! A question: I have seen very badly worn sparcos; these are now 2 years old? How well are they holding on; the seat covers I mean?