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    What are you driving now?

    Still got the Frp but bought a new car for the first time in my life. Also for the first time in my life I bought a car that didn’t have the blue oval on the front! A Platinum White Pearl GR Yaris
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    5ltrs Ravenol 5w 30 fully Synth + Genuine Ford Sump nut £35

    5 litre tub of Ford Ravenol 5w 30 oil Fully Synth 1013938 Genuine Ford Sump nut Both for £35 Royal Mail Tracked delivery. Any queries please ask. I have most genuine Ford serviceable parts in stock if you wish a more comprehensive service pack like oil filters fuel filters pollen...
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    Think the milly has to go

    If you can be bothered bringing it down to Killie I'll sort it for you. Cheers Ally
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    Worked FRP inlet just back from Raceline

    Put in in the post did you not get it?? Well so much for the posties knowing everyone in Ireland! Cheers Ally
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    Worked FRP inlet just back from Raceline

    Cleaned up Ported from 39mm to 41mm trumpets as far as possible on runners and polished Trumpet close up Gasket matched Head side Gasket matched close up Without gasket in situ Without gasket in situ close up Close up Throttle Body side enlarged to MK1 Mondeo T/B (LMS mod)...
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    Timing belt gone wrong!

    Was going to suggest the same. Good shout for diagnosis Best of luck Ally
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    My latest Racing Puma track project.

    Exciting stuff! I'm sure there will be loads of people interested in this S/C project. i don't think I have seen a finished one. Keep up the good work........ Cheers Ally
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    Puma 4x4 Cosworth

    Great attention to detail. Systematically going through wearable parts you will be left with a somewhat 'reliable' toy. I'm sure you will but have a blast! Best of luck and continue with the excellent workmanship throughout. Cheers Ally
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    FRP Gearbox

    Might be worth changing to a standard pipe then.....
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    FRP Gearbox

    Hi Aaron. What the deal with the FRP clutch pipe? Why was it modified on the Racing? Seems like a huge modification to do to commission say a 1000 new bespoke parts. Cause at manufacturing level cars are at 1000 would be an expensive part. They must have deemed it justifiable to do so...
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    how to flow your MAF!!!!!!!!!!!

    Does this actually help with power is the big question? Cheers Ally
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    LMS Throttle body gasket?

    Thank you very much. This is going to save me alot off hassle. Best Regards Ally
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    LMS Throttle body gasket?

    Does anyone know the finis number for the larger T/Body that LMS sell or a reg of a mk1 mondeo that a T/body has been taken from? To have the finis would be ideal as its saves me cutting up a new 1.7 puma T/Body gasket to make it bigger. Thanks for your time folks Ally
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    New LMS 180 inlet fitted

    Car has got a standard map if you like. The car is crying out for a unichip live map to make the most of everything and get it even smoother and fueling spot on. i think just with a map it would be touching a genuine 160bhp but would be ideal with a slightly higher lift cam then the custom map...
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    New LMS 180 inlet fitted

    The 58mm throttle body was always on the car and it is the ported Lightening Motorsport version. 9-10bhp is noticable to you as you drive the car all the time and when the mod is done it completely changes the last 1200rpm. Its just encourages you to rag its tits off. It is a lot of money TBH...
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    how to flow your MAF!!!!!!!!!!!

    I would also like to see the maf. Are there larger maf's you can fit to the Puma? Cheers Ally
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    Rocker cover grommets

    Hi there. They are about 4 each from Ford new. But this is one of the reason why the rocker cover gaskets fail they they are not getting the right tension from the fixing with the old bushing. They only get torque upto 10flbs or about 14nm but please check as its been a while since I have done...
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    418 is of to get the new engine

    Personally i'll take anything thats going! lol Been watching your cars progress with interest and look forward to the outcome. Cheers Ally