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  1. caprixpack

    Ford Puma 1.7 Oil Filter

    You already have the part numbers, entering then into Google will give you the answers you're looking for.
  2. caprixpack

    Catalytic converter - still problems

    That's a nice list of all the nuts and bolts that will break, round off and refuse to come out.
  3. caprixpack

    Catalytic converter - still problems

    Doesn't have the correct tool = Doesn't want the job because it's a pain in the arse even if all the nuts and bolts come out.
  4. caprixpack

    Part For Sale Interior for Sale

    Bit of a long shot but do you still have the horseshoe shaped plastic trim off the tailgate?
  5. caprixpack

    difference between petrol and diesel fuel tanks

    This is from when i fit my new tank in my millennium, it was an almost direct fit with no need for internal modifications. The only modifications were a lenght of fluoro silicone hose for the breather as the fiesta tank take off it at a different angle and having to drill 2 holes and rivet the...
  6. caprixpack

    My Millennium

    One little snag I've come across, I'm currently running 20mm axle spacers and the wheels just fill the arches. The mk1 focus and fiesta st150 that ive sourced the hubs and spindles from have a wider track, so now the wheels stick out just a bit too far. I've ordered some 10mm spacers from ford...
  7. caprixpack

    My Millennium

    I've finally started on the rear disc conversion today. So far I've only done the drivers side as I'm off out with the family soon, hopefully get the rest done this evening. Thankfully with everything being fairly new the only casualty was the abs sensor. Just a shot of the back to show...
  8. caprixpack

    1999 1.7 Rev limiter

    You can have the frp map put on which raises the rpm limit by 500 rpm I believe.
  9. caprixpack

    Drop links??

    I was going to fit adjustable drop links but decided against it. I fit some febi bilstein links instead.
  10. caprixpack

    Rocker cover gasket

    Ford is the most likely option, they're not cheap though.
  11. caprixpack

    Part Wanted Washer bottle float sensor

    They're out there, but they're not cheap. I would probably be cheaper to buy a second hand bottle with the sensor already in place.
  12. caprixpack

    What Clutch
  13. caprixpack

    My Millennium

    Just sorting the last few little bits now. The handbrake cables need a little bit of fettling to allow them to work with the puma. The metal bracket the holds the 2 cables and has the 3rd from the lever is different and won't work with the puma cable so needs changing. I managed to find a...
  14. caprixpack

    My Millennium

    All the hard stuff is now done and ready to bolt on.
  15. caprixpack

    My Millennium

    No, there's no need to drill the carriers its all direct bolt on apart from the machining for the abs.
  16. caprixpack

    My Millennium

    Finishing up the hard part with the rear disc conversion, I tapped the abs sensor securing bolt hole, trial fitted the hubs and set the clearance between the sensor and abs ring. The spindles have been cleaned and painted and are now drying.
  17. caprixpack

    My Millennium

    I pressed the bearings in this afternoon and fit the abs rings. Bearing pressed in and circlip fitted. Abs ring fits just as it should, tight but not so tight that its impossible to get on or back off without damage.
  18. caprixpack

    Which power steering fluid and how much?

    Yeah it was plenty
  19. caprixpack

    Part Wanted Rear door card metal clips

    When removing the rear panels to fit bigger speakers in mine, the clips that held the panel in place was this, pn 1044105. I have one sat in the centre console as it was cracked and had lost its spring effect and would no longer hold tension. Still haven't found any yet.
  20. caprixpack

    Puma Millennium W965 RDU

    Hope you didn't order a cheap hcv, they're terrible. They're expensive but genuine are the only way.