Just bought my first project puma - let the fun begin


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Mar 7, 2019
Hi All,

So after wanting to buy one of these for years to have a play with and run about round the country to different tracks I’ve finall bought one

2002 Ford Puma 1.7 (red)

It’s bog stock at the moment and is in pretty good nick very nearly rust free and ready for me to probably ruin but Ill have some fun with it.

I’m heavily envolved in motorsport and so hope to lean towards taking it to a track at some point but I’ll try a do a story/thread of updates as time goes on. Looking at fabricating and inlet manifold and exhaust system for it but initially have a few boring jobs to do on it first. Good full service, cam belt and a clutch as I don’t know the history.

Anyone on here race or would be happy for me to come along to check out what you guys are up to. Happy to lend a hand if needed. Would be cool to come check out a car meeting as I spend most of my time around the British superbike championship so 4 wheels would be a nice change of scenery if it doesn’t clash.