A gentle reminder to members

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A gentle reminder to members

Post by Dal » Tue Apr 26, 2016 11:00 am

With some recent posts it has become apparent that some members may feel that ProjectPuma isn't the friendliest place. We've always strived to be a congenial community with a hands off moderation approach but nevertheless take a dim view on anyone that posts with the intention (or otherwise) of "rocking the apple cart".

Please remember that by using the forum, you also agree to abide by the Rules and Regulations - the most poignant section at the moment seems to be:
1.4. Trolling/Flaming/Bashing/Baiting: We respect the right of everyone to express their opinions without fear of being attacked or personally insulted. Feel free to debate strongly and offer firm opinions. However, if you feel the need to indulge in mean-spirited and personally directed insults, attacks, and quarrels do so off the forum. Baiting or inflammatory posts designed to attract or elicit predictable responses are not appropriate and persistence in this activity can result in moderation, suspension or banning.

Please play nicely and keep the place as friendly as possible.

Thanks. :ok:
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