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Puma for big boys?

Posted: Wed Jan 23, 2019 1:49 am
by Justsomeangrygrandpa
Hello petrolheads!

I came here, because everybody told me do it, because you know everything :)
Id like to buy a Puma as dailycar (and maaaaybe a bit of racing), however I have a big problem. Iam a bit tall - 205cm.

My brother actually Puma have, so I drived it and loved it, however my head just banging to the roof and its pretty uncomfortable as you can imagine.
So here is question on ya all:

Is possible to drive a Puma for human like me with some basic comfort? I přessume there could be some seat swap (maybe racing buckets?). As I measured I need atleast 5cm more vertical space (10cm ideal).

Are there some possibilities?

Thanks a lot


Puma for big boys?

Posted: Wed Jan 23, 2019 11:26 am
by grogee
I am sure it's possible to permanently lower the seat by fiddling with the seat frame. It would probably require welding though.

I am not sure whether the Recaro seats fitted to Thunder/millennium specials had a lower seating position or not. I do know they have electric height adjust which may actually make them sit slightly higher than the standard manual seat.

For my part, I am 5'7" and I love the Puma because it makes me feel tall having my head 2" from the roof!!!

Puma for big boys?

Posted: Wed Jan 23, 2019 12:47 pm
by Justsomeangrygrandpa
I had idea about buying different seats, but i dont think they are slimer than originals (atleast not enough).
Seat frame mod is possible, however i didnt saw much spacing underneath. :( (I could make some mods, but Id like to know if its even possible before buying a car)

Puma for big boys?

Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2019 2:35 am
by sickofguessing
I am 6ft and I just sit my arse forward and more relaxed in the seat. I also have the seat as far back as the rail allows. It feels roughly the same seating position as my KA Sport did.

Though with my thunder seats the leather doesn't offer much grip on my seat cover.

Puma for big boys?

Posted: Fri Jan 25, 2019 10:07 am
by red
6ft is like 20cm lower already though.

There are definitely old posts on people using modified frames to get a lower seating position. It depends where you are though because in the UK I believe there are now rules preventing having fixed bucket seats on road cars, so they would have to be able to adjust.

Puma for big boys?

Posted: Fri Jan 25, 2019 10:09 am
by red

Puma for big boys?

Posted: Fri Jan 25, 2019 11:54 am
by Justsomeangrygrandpa
Thank you a lot, Red!
1st link is exactly i was lookin for and i think its lowered enough for my use.

Im from CzechRep and didnt found any restrictions about racing buckets in dailycars so I hope it will be okay. :)

Puma for big boys?

Posted: Sat Jan 26, 2019 9:33 pm
by raggamuffin
I'm 6'4" and whilst it takes a little getting used to - you don't notice any major problems after a week or so. You just have to be careful getting in and out.