Detango Rear Lights

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Detango Rear Lights

Post by YOG » Mon Jul 31, 2017 11:29 pm

Posted by Jasper on Tue May 13, 2008

Ever since I'd seen this picture,

I'd been playing with the idea of adapting the rear lights to a clear/red/clear setup, and on Friday, I ordered a pair of rear lamps from a local scrapyard.

They arrived on Monday morning and I spent a bit of time working out what the best way of taking them out would be. I wanted them to look good but also wanted to avoid any water ingress into them.
So, I thought it would be better not to remove the light lens, but to cut them out from the back, in such a way that it's easy to glue them back together.
I got out a junior hacksaw blade to work out where to cut a hole big enough to fit the lens through. 5 minutes later I had my answer.

It really helps that you need 4 rear lights to make two, because that gives you two to practice on before you remove the lamps from your car (3 x 10 mm nuts hold each lamp on, take them off and disconnect the bulb holders and it'll come free).
5 minutes later it'll look like this.

And from the front, like this.

The orange lens are just held in with a clip at both sides and should slide out of the hole with a wee tug. I then washed out the inside of the lamp with water as there was a lot of plastic fragments in it. The white lens (which you'll have broken out of their lamps and are sided), should pop through the hole and with a bit of fiddling, pop into place. Then with a splodge of glue, secure the cut out parts back into their casings.

Leave it for five minutes to set and you are good to put them back in your car. Remember to change the bulbs to orange ones or silver bulbs that flash orange (like I have). These are available from VW for £9.57 each, part number N10256404 or from ebay.

Then you too will have sexy lights like these.
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