1998 Puma 1.7 – Blue, MOT (Nov), 133k miles, £200

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1998 Puma 1.7 – Blue, MOT (Nov), 133k miles, £200

Post by kacecar » Wed Sep 04, 2019 5:44 pm

I really like this car but am not using it much these days so, somewhat regretfully, it’s time for it to go - and I'd rather that be to a forum member / enthusiast than to anyone else.

This a genuine 21 year old road car - mechanically sound and reliable, could be quite shiny from a distance but, inevitably, looking a little tired and elderly when you get a bit closer. In its current condition I think it's a perfectly useable road car and also, should you so desire, eminently track-able.

No pictures I'm afraid as I'm too old to learn new tricks, such as photobucket, but, to compensate, I've tried to be completely open in the description . . . . and, anyway, you all know what one looks like.

So what’s good about it, and what’s wrong with it? The good points of this S registered car are:
- current MOT (until late November 2019);
- starts reliably;
- runs reliably;
- sharp steering and handling;
- stops extremely well;
- no gearbox problems;
- doesn’t use excessive quantity of oil;
- doesn't leak;
- lots of time left on the timing belt (replaced at 119k miles);
- upgraded front brakes (Mondeo Mk2 ST24), otherwise virtually standard;
- pretty much all the electronic equipment works (see below for the one or two that don't);
- quite a few newish parts including, amongst other things,
- clutch and slave cylinder,
- tyres (fresh Goodyears all round)
- rear-beam bushes (powerflex)
- headlights,
- battery,
- rear suspension top mounts.

The bad points, in no particular order, are:
- rust on/in the rear wheel arches (as usual);
- dreadful paintwork on the bonnet;
- damaged passenger door sill (damage not obvious - dented when it fell off the jack!);
- a poorly filled and painted rear bumper (does the job though);
- usual old-car bangs and rattles when going over big bumps in the road - nothing critical as far as I'm aware;
- a few small scratches and minor dents in the bodywork (unsurprising after 21 years);
- a few scratches on the alloys too (again, it’s an age thing) but nothing unusual;
- the driver’s door mirror has been knocked off several times (while parked) so the mounting is knackered (structural reinforcement is by gaffer tape), the lens is no longer heated and the adjustment is manual;
- the front anti-roll bar bushes are knackered (not an MOT fail);
- occasional lumpy idling and slight misfire (I presume it’s a dodgy sensor or a plug lead / coil-pack issue but I’ve no idea which – the misfire is usually cleared with a single blip of the throttle);
- only got one key;
- air-con needs recharging;
- boot carpet is missing;
- rear parcel shelf strings and hooks lost so, ideally, need replacing;
- drivers door card slightly loose (merely needs new/different plastic fixings);
- temperature gauge reads somewhat erratically, and low;
- rubber on the roof mounted wireless aerial is perished (more gaffer tape).

For what it’s worth, I am not expecting the car to fail its next MOT test - and if it does, I'll be surprised if it is on anything significant. I always expect this car to work. If I suddenly needed to drive the car a long way tomorrow (say, a thousand miles), I’d check the fluids and tyre pressures then set off without any concern, confident of getting to wherever I was going and looking forward to the B-roads on the way. And no, that doesn't mean I'll deliver it! I'm afraid that if you want it you'll have to come and get it - from Middlesex, quite near Heathrow.

How much? £200, including a spare set of “propeller” wheels and all the other used bits and pieces I’ve amassed over the years.

If you are interested then please PM me first - then we can swap other contact details and arrange viewing.

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