Date change for March meet at the Hook Norton brewery.


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Thanks for posting this John. I have moved it in my calendar :giggle:
Our friends with the big white Caddilac, who have moved away were going to join us on the 10th so it's caused a bit of hassle, but we're still meeting them for lunch at the brewery, as the food is very good. Hope you can both make it to one of the meets there this year.
Please note that due to the wet weather, the amount of parking will be restricted at Hooky on Sunday to about 130 cars, so if you get there too late you might have to wait until someone leaves.
At today's meet at Hook Norton Classics meet at the brewery, we had 5 Puma's, which is a record.
A big thank you to Cubatoo in her Silver Puma, the Old_gimmer with his FRP and Johnw272 with his Thunder for making the journey.
The other Thunder belongs to a regular at the meets, Rob and Jo Peebles, and I have my Medium Steel blue Puma back on the road, now winter is almost over.


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Glad we all managed to fit! Good to see you John, thanks for the tour. Good also to meet the other John again and catch up on Dave, we finally meet!
Thanks for joining us, it was a fairly quiet morning, with only 114 cars, average is about 150, the busiest was last October with over 450 !