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If interested, I have a pair of headlights for a 1.7 2002 in great condition - no damage and not misted.
Let me know if you want further info.
Thanks & kind regards.
Thanks for your reply Tomeden which I have only just seen! I have no idea how I make direct contact or if you are still interested.
Puma 1.6/1.7 Sportex Exhaust Tail pipe for sale.
I still need the parcel shelf attachments as well!!


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Hi John,

When we met at Gaydon, my driver side window started playing up and you talked of a piece of green plastic. I`ve stripped the door and can see this bit, the window will lower but not raise, what is usually the solution?
John Woodward
John Woodward
Sorry for delay. It's usually the window regulator, but if you get a bit of movement going up and you can pull the glass up, it may be just the runners need lubricating with a silicone spray or it could be the switch if you get no noise or movement when pressing the switch button. I don't think new window regulators are available, but worth checking, otherwise it'll have to be a second hand one.
yes had the same issue with offside window but as JW said silicone spray helps and mine is ok now