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Hi! I'm reaching you regarding the headlight rubber seals. I live in Greece so is there a way to post them there? I have written in the thread and asked for two sets. If there aren't enough available I can take one. If it's possible to find out the postage cost so I can transfer the while amount via paypal. Thank you very much! Best Regards Alex.
I may be interested in the drivers seat unless you want the interior to go in one hit. What year is it from.
Hi there received amessage from tech admin about password wondered if it was genuine cheers
Hello, thanks for the message. Yes the message is genuine, but good of you to check it.

That email, I believe got sent to everyone that hadn't logged in recently (assume that was the case with you too?) so they were checking that all was well.
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20220209_212045.jpg Hello everyone!
Just wanted to show off my limited edition Puma Black that I won on auction from eBay for £1,900 only done 56000 miles, immaculate and no rust!
Had the suspension upgraded a top range clutch and low profile tyres. Now I'm ready for fun!