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Apologies, mis-leading statement, what I meant is to learn from those that have experience of working on the car. I myself have a Rover 75 and have found their forums invaluable and I anticipate the same here from what I have seen.
Welcome to the Forum, there is a lot of useful information in the "How to Guides" and a lot of very helpful people on here.
I have found so much help and advice, which has made owning Puma's even more enjoyable.
Hello to Jersey from Guernsey. Welcome to Puma ownership and getting used to paying extortionate amounts to get parts delivered to the channel islands. Happy to give advice if needed. 👍
I find it all depends on the supplier, some just accept postage costs as normal UK. Thanks for the offer; you have not come across a passenger footwell leak and solution by any chance and have a handy list of torque setting for brakes etc? Cheers
Hi. There are many threads devoted to footwell leaks-have a good read of these for detailed advice. Either aircon pipe or leaks from a grommet in the footwell. You will need to strip the carpet out to trace it. Things like torque settings are in the ford dealer manual. Someone has put a pdf of this on here-worth searching out. I bought one on a cd from Ebay quite cheaply. 👍

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