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Dec 5, 2020
The Netherlands
Hello everyone!

I’ve been the proud owner of a ‘99 Puma 1.4 in a sparkly “thistle” since February of this year.
The previous owner loved her under the bonnet, but not so much on the exterior, so the engine looks like new, but her top coat is chipping and flaking here and there. Thinking of strategically wrapping her in places. Minor wheel arch rust, but they did powder coat the rims a matte black, which I have to say does suit her.

Things that need work or replacement for MOT in Jan/Feb:
Electrical (either wiring or fuses, but my dash console will come on and off while driving, activating the ABS and it seems to affect the power to my headlights too) Though the alternator is the main suspect at the moment.

Speaking of which: the matte headlights need to go. Moisture, daily wear... better to be replaced.

Drum breaks might need a once over, but all the breaks and break lines were replaced at last MOT. (So could be the ABS/electrical and not the drums)

I’ll try to post some pictures soon :grin:
The culprit has been found:
Turns out it was indeed the alternator causing all the electrical issues. It’s been revised and everything seems to be working as it should, now.
MOT has been scheduled early January. After that, we move on to styling the interior (finally!)

Passed MOT!!!! :grin:

Goals for the coming year:
New tires
New front suspension
Work on front axle
Style interior

Let’s see how far we get...

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