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Mar 11, 2016
2001 Ford Puma Thunder for sale

119,000 miles

MoT until November

I bought the car a few years ago through this forum, and am reluctantly selling as I don't need a car for work any more so it hardly ever gets used - seems a waste for it to just be parked up all the time.

Bad points:
Rust on driver's side wheel arch and some on passenger's side
Boot struts don't always hold the boot up
Interior light doesn't work
Driver's side window doesn't raise properly
Some advisories on last MoT
Some scuffs to paintwork
Will need two rear tyres soon

£950 ono - collection from Twickenham.

Any questions or for pics please reply here or by PM.
This is my old car, sold to Dan.
I had it eight years, it has remote boot release, Glove box light, Temperature clock, heated washer jets, also had two new headlights during my time, rebuilt suspension with Eibachs, and two cambelts...
Most of my mileage was with a pair of Recaro seats, so leather should not be particularly worn.

Look carefully for the pot of gold....
Hi Paul!

Thanks for replying - I can confirm that all the improvements you made are still working perfectly, and I haven’t done that many miles since buying the Puma from you in 2017, so the seats are still in really good condition.

I would have liked to have kept the car indefinitely, but it’s not getting driven due to the current situation, which seems a shame, and has led to some of the niggles listed above developing. It needs to be driven and enjoyed, not just parked up all the time.

Still trying to work out how to add photos here, so thank you for that arty shot!

All the best
Hi Dan maybe interested if not too scabby ....offer would be around £700 ...let me know if interested

Hi Stu

Sorry, just spotted this; have PMed you photos and am open to offers.


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