SOLD 2001 Moondust Silver 1.7 - Spares or Repair


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Jun 4, 2013
Reduced to £250. Really want to go to a good home. If it doesn't shift soon it will be off to the breakers yard which would be a shame.

Sadly after 6 fantastic years as a daily driver we have to let our Puma go to a good home (Y587NRD).

Good Points -

MOT until mid August. Cambelt last done 4.5 years and about 20k miles ago. Mileage now 120k.

Since last MOT that needed a lot of welding we have fitted new fuel filter, water pump, coil pack and rocker cover gasket.

Welding has always been cut out old metal and replace with new, no quick patches.

Interior in lovely condition, heated windscreen etc all work. Air con works, just needs a re gas.

3 keys, handbook and radio code.

Bad Points (all that we would have addressed at the next MOT) -

Rear arches replaced 5 years ago - one small patch of rust at the bottom of one arch where the repair joins existing metal but should cut out easily..

Knocking over bumps that we assume is a rear bush that needs replacing.

Slight noise occasionally when pulling away. Initial checks show gearbox oil level and wheel bearings OK. Doesn't seem to affect how the car drives.

Situated in West Yorkshire. £250.

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