Where is wiper relay?


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Sep 24, 2018
I have a problem with me windshield wiper. It only works at a speed. They told me that it could be a failure of the relay and I bought a new one but I do not know where it is located and which one I have to replace.
Could you give me a hand?
Thank you
How old is your Puma ?

Later one's were programmeable so relays might well be different, but is it not in the engine compartment fuse panel, identifiable from the legend on the Lid ?
Hi, thanks for the help.
The puma is from the year 1998.
The fuse cover is in the engine but I have not noticed any legend. What should I look for exactly?
There should be a diagram embossed/pressed in to the back of the fuse box lid.

To locate the relays in the internal fuse box, you need to look on the back of the fuse box. The easiest way to do that would be to undo the 2 black screws above where you see the fuses and press in the black clips (one each side) which will release the main fuse box.

Which relay it will be I don't know as there has always been confusion between the earlier & later fuse arrangements.

Maybe look at some google images to work out what fuse box layout you have...?
Haynes Fiesta manual shows one relay for the rear wiper on diagram 10 for models up to 2000. Fed from F12, and both in the passenger compartment fusebox. There is a photograph of the relays on the reverse of the fusebox, but no indication of which one is which....

For the later model, there does not seem to be any individual relay, all controlled from the multifunction electronics module.
thanks you very match.
when opening the box there was a fallen fuse. I put it and now it works correctly.

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