1999 Panther black track project


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Dec 13, 2010
Up for sale is my beloved Puma track project that I unfortunately no longer have the time or space to commit to finishing.

The car is a 1.4 Lux, with the heated windscreen and A/C, with around 101000 on the clock (I can’t remember exactly but it’s in that region).

Ive added a 6 CD changer under the seat, which is a Sony unit I believe was a factory option? The rest of the modifications have all been track orientated as that was the goal for the car. On the list are AP coilovers, 300mm front brakes, 253mm rear disc conversion, braided brake hoses, Hoffman race tube and Hornet rear box, bucket seats from an ex-BRC racer and a track steering wheel. The interior is half stripped - I kept the front carpet, door cards and dashboard intact as I used to use it as a daily - with the back gutted and no roof lining.

The 1.4 engine is scrap, the bottom end rattles, the pistons slap and it burns more oil than petrol, but it does run and drive you just need to keep the revs below 2500. However the idea was to convert it to a 1.7 and I have the engine and most of the parts required to drop it in, with just a few bits still needed but they are available out there. The 1.7 lump is a complete motor and it came out of a running car that had been smashed up. I’ve renewed the timing belt and water pump ready for the swap. The ECU, transponder ring and key for this engine are all present also.

Also included is a host of parts to finish off the project, including a clutch kit, Yellowstuff pads, Brembo discs and the braided hoses for the front brakes (the rear conversion is all completed) and Speedline alloys with Nankang semi-slicks, along with many other bits and bobs.

It’s been sat in a shipping container for about 5 years, and hasn’t turned a wheel for nearly 3. Before that it spent 2 years in a garage. It’s not been 100% dry in the storage but it’s not what you would call damp, there isn’t any mold in the interior or funky smells, it’s just the body that’s quite dirty.

I don’t know what it’s actually worth but I really need a quick sale so I figured £1000 is fairly reasonable, but I’m open to offers.

Located in Manchester M15

I will NOT break the car or sell individual parts separately (except the track wheels and tyres they’re on eBay already but I would rather it all went together)

This is my project thread on this forum to detail every step so far https://www.projectpuma.com/viewtopic.php?t=20518


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