Sold 2002 1.7 Mid Steel Blue £500 MOT to 30/06/2024


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Jul 27, 2013
The wife’s Puma has passed it’s MOT this week but only after an initial fail and some hard decisions about the future. Following discussions with the garage we decided to do enough to pass the MOT as we’re not able to accommodate a full restoration (time/money constraints). The offside rear suspension mounting had to be cut out and replaced and it’s likely the nearside will need doing for next year’s MOT along with suspension bushes and bodywork around the offside rear wheel arch.

We’d rather it go now to someone who appreciates the original, elegant Puma design. WK02 SDS 2002 1.7 61k, 2 owners (my wife is the 2nd owner since July 2013) FSH (oil changed every 4000 miles or less), cambelt changed Sep 2013 @27830m. Colour is mid-steel blue £500. We live in Leeds West Yorkshire.


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    Puma fron view.jpg
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    Puma nearside view.jpg
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    Puma offside view.jpg
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