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Jan 25, 2011
Well eventually the sad day arrived to break the old girl prompted by a fair offer for the rather nice trim. This is being picked up hopefully this weekend so if theres any useful bits left Ill add them later but for now consider it all gone.

So before I begin with what and how much, I need to make a couple of important points. The first is I have a wreck of a back and work 7 days a week so my time is very limited. I will have to give priority to those who can come visit near Manchester and remove what they need. And priority to those who can throw their old stuff back on my car where needed.

For example my car has eibach 30mm lowered springs on what was new shocks good condition very little miles but I need your old stuff back to keep it rolling. Its a Thunder with Thunder wheels they're for sale but I would need some old inflated wheels back to keep it rolling.

My understanding is that I need to state prices for a good amount of items but not all so hopefully the following is ok?

Longlife stainless steel exhaust standard noise slightly larger oval tailpipe cost £440 £150

Thunder alloys £80 each they have fair tread tyres but have been sat flat for some time so wouldnt advise you use them.

Brand new petrol tank painted with multiple coats of red oxide paint and red hammerite paint fitted with a used replacement fuel pump £80 never filled with any fuel.

Eibach lowered springs on KYB shocks. These were wrapped in carbon wrap where possible and painted where not to keep any future rust at bay. Probably less than 3k mileage on them. £150

Genuine front and rear Ford mudflaps £30.00

Front Fiesta ST 150 calpers and pads (for refurb) £100

If memory serves it has a great condition wheel carrier and refurbed spare wheel. Good front window weatherstrips (both new at some point iirc) great rocker cover

The car has sat for 4 years but turned over after giving its 4 year old battery a minimum charge. The engine has 60k plus mileage it had a new full ford clutch fitted by Errol and did circa 3k on it. Likewise a new Ford timing belt kit aux belt and water pump fitted by Ginger Tom. I anticipate selling the engine and rolling shell at some later point.

Cheers Questy
What condition is the bonnet, tailgate and drivers door and are they available. Id be interested in taking it all as a donor car for mine depend on price.

I'm looking for a drivers side front wing and a steering wheel. Do you still have them and what price and condition are they.

Apologies to all of the above last three posts, I somehow completely and utterly missed all your posts. Very sorry indeed Its not like me to make errors like that. :-( :-( :-(

In super late response to the above Bonnet Tailgate and drivers door are in good condition the bonnet has minor stone chips to the leading edge,and yes the whole car/ rolling shell with engine and box is still available just been let down by a serial non payer from ebay for it. It has lots of stuff sold but stlll it could be built back up be track car or be used for its parts.

Springs and shocks are still available and as before Ill need your old standard susoension stuff in px to keep it rolling.

Drivers side wing is still available but may have a little rust at the bottom. so hard to guess how much better than the one you have it is.To be honest dont really want to be pulling wings off it though as its loads off effort for little reward and kinda spoils the shell.

Its now sat on 17" White TSW 5 spoke alloys (maybe Apex ones) I took in px ,those are £100 plus something back to keep it rolling

Car is £300 total with wheels.

Cheers guys and sorry again for non response

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