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May 15, 2022
Hello everybody, just acquired a 2000 1.7 Silver with 70,000 miles on the clock. I had the same model a few years ago, and have regretted it rusting away from under me and scrapping it ever since. This time around I intend to spend whatever it takes to keep it on the road. It is fairly rust free, with immaculate arches, but the sills need closer inspection. Have discarded the spare wheel and tray, and unsurprisingly the ride seems even higher. I'm considering lowering front and rear by 40mmm, but a local mechanic has just put some doubt in my mind by saying the handling will suffer. I'm open to members' input on this issue. Oh, I'm from the Burnley area, so if you spot a middle aged man with a bald head and a wide moustache (picture Bronson) give me a toot.
Welcome to the group and renewed Puma ownership. In my opinion Ford with all their resources, spent a lot of time and money in developing the Puma, I have heard that one of the design team said that lowering the car destroys the handling, I'm sure many will disagree and lowered cars certainly look far better, but for normal everyday road use it may be better to leave it as standard.
If you want to lower it I say go for it. Very few people will be able to fully utilise the Puma's handling capability as standard, therefore lowering it for aesthetical reasons or otherwise is likely to make little, if no difference whatsoever to your enjoyment of the car.

When I fitted coilovers to my old Puma it made it better, not placebo better, actually better, and I won't hear anything to the contrary ;p

One thing that "may" be affected is the ride quality but that depends on what route you take in lowering it & how much you spend.

I've fitted H&R springs to all 4 of my pumas.They lower the car by about 30mm and still remain comfortable without the crashing and bumpiness many lowering kits are known for.I fitted new standard ford shock absorbers at the same time and the ride quality is great,slightly firmer than standard,but not that noticable really.
I'd say the handling is still spot on,cornering ability is brilliant and they easily make a fool of many modern cars on the b roads.
The cars look great on them as well,noticably lower without being OTT,just right in my opinion.
These springs would be comparible to the Eibach kit that Ford themselves offered as an option through some dealers when the Puma was new.
I think lowering improves the car. However I have fitted 40 profile tyres and I would say the biggest factor on ride comfort is the aspect ratio of the tyres, lower profile equals more ride harshness.
I used the Eibach springs that lower abot 30mm IIRC, with standard damping, and it improved ride and handling in my opinion. Kooked pretty good too !
Thanks all for your input. As I suspected, it's a personal thing with both pros and cons so i'm still torn. I could spend on lowering the height, and perhaps suffer on my daily commute (the local council went speed-bump mad recently on my route to work, and they are edgy and unavoidable). On the other hand I could keep the car as original as possible and spend the money on other minor maintenance. So far your feedback has the lower stance ahead, but I shall wait to see what other contributions I receive. Does anyone remember Play Your Cards Right with Brucie? Just shout HIGHER or LOWER!
I liked the look of the lower stance when I had mine, but not enough to justify changing. I'm quite a sucker for the standard look though.
Thanks for that, red, I can understand that. I have found a compromise now, and have ordered a cheap set of 40mm springs, as well as having found a little garage who will fit them for eighty quid. At that price I can try them for size for a month or two then either swap back or buy a more expensive set later. I might be a waste of money, but if I don't do it I'll always be wondering...
I've never used this term before, but OMG!!!! Just picked up Kitty from the garage with shorter springs on and am blown away by the difference in the ride. Doesn't feel noticeably harder, and it corners beautifully, not to mention the sportier look. Thanks for everybody's input, and if anyone else is considering doing the same then I would strongly encourage them to do so.

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