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Oct 13, 2010
Marlow, Bucks
Got about 60 miles of fuel in the tank, and am getting the shell scrapped next saturday, so want the fuel back cos I'm tight!

However, stupid me decided to take half the loom out of the shell to re-use the wire, forgetting that I'd need to empty it.

So... can anyone recommend draining it? My thoughts are:

Find the main fuel line and insert into jerry can

Find the fuel pump, connect it to a battery and let itself drain out

Screwdriver through the tank, hold jerry can underneath.

Not too keen on the last one, does the first one seem do-able? Where is the fuel pump on a Puma?
If you can get over before saturday and wanna give me a hand you can have it for £20, with as much of anything else as you need!
If you've still got the fuel cut off wired up, unplug it and connect your battery live to the middle pin.

Fuel comes from the white plug, run that in to your can.
Where you from? I'm in Glasgow . I would help out no problem depending on travel
Sorry bud, many hundreds of miles down in bucks. Good luck with your search, unless we can pony express the tank up your way?
I got a brand new tank from euro for 45. Thanks though. How did you get on?
I didn't bother in the end and sent it to the scrappy with a tenner of pez left. Probably made it weigh more. Wish I'd filled the tank with water though, they didn't check it!

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