Front wing removal


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DOH said:
Brian- You should have posted this as a separate post, rather than hijack Welsh Dave's , which is on a completely different topic, to yours. In future you will achieve faster replies as people on the forum will be aware that someone else has a different problem to solve.

Anyway, leave 1he 13mm nut on loosely onto the spindle (This prevents you damaging bonnet or smacking yourself in the face when it comes lose). Lift wiper off from screen 90 degrees,yes do use WD40 on the spindle, using the straw with the can, now wiggle the wiper arm side to side a few times & then pull vertically up. It will lift off and then remove the 13mm nut :thumbs:

Though I would answer the question in the How-to section for if someone else has the same problem in the future. With that this topic will be full of information about the 'Front wing removal' instead of load of separated topics about one subject.

Sorry about the hijacking, Didn't meant to hijack anyone's topic. Sorry Welsh Dave :(
No problem, Brian'. It's Severio's thread, not mine, anyway.

I can't get at the front bolt, even after prising the right side of the bumper away. I'll have to go and buy a cranked or joggled spanner, which should reach it.
Do any of the mods know how to restore the photos in this thread? About to change my front wings so a visual guide would be pretty useful!
Looks like this could be the first issue since the server move, I'm sure I had a workaround in place for this after the last major upgrade where the gallery was replaced. :?

I'll see if I can remember what it was.
Scratch that, it probably wasn't for static links like that one that was used in this post. If anyone notices any images that just say 'image' like below the picture above then shout out and we'll see if we can get it back.

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