Drivers door card removal to identify what a metal rubbing sound is caused by


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Feb 3, 2019
I seem to have a regular noise when on anything other than a smooth surface, and I think it is from inside the drivers door. May be the window workings? So I need to get in and have a look but I want to be able to put everything back together OK. Advice please on getting in to have a look inside the door card.
Basically it's very easy to get the door cards off, 3 screws , 1 for the door opening handle escutcheon, 1 near the door pocket, both Phillips or Positive, then a torx one by the door pull, all behind plastic covers, then remove the cover for the door mirror, then using a trim removal tool (better than a screwdriver) release all the door card retaining clips, then lift the door card up. Best to remove the wiring connectors for the window switch and the electric mirrors ( remember which way the window switch connector goes on the drivers door (I managed to get it wrong once !). Some of the door card clips will break, I've found the yellow ones for earlier Ford's are generally reusable and that's what I used as replacement's.
Don't think I've missed anything, but I've written this from memory.
I've used the yellow clips, as I already had some in stock and they worked fine. The pattern ones of the original type were absolute rubbish.
Also the top trim/seal part comes adrift from the door card, I tried a glue gun, but that wasn't very successful, but super glue has worked well.