Fuel lines


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Jul 28, 2013
To get the correct fuel supply to an engine we need to have not only the correct amount of flow but also pressure?

If I were to replace all of the fuel lines with something like braided rubber for example and to keep the 'original' characteristics of the fuel system, I would ideally replace all existing pipework with new pipes of the same size?

If the new fuel lines were bigger, how would I know how much of a bigger pump I would need (if at all) to supply the same amount of flow/pressure as before?

Also, does anyone know the size of the standard fuel lines, specifically where the come up the bulkhead in to the engine bay?
I would think that the system doesn't care what fuel lines are feeding it. The pressure is regulated and the excess gets pushed back to the tank. If you were running big injectors and/or carbs the pump might need to be updated but otherwise the standard one should be fine