I won a Puma in a Raffle!


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Sunny Jim

New member
Mar 27, 2022
Hi, I'm Sunny Jim based in Snowdonia, North Wales. I won a Puma in a raffle on another forum which I picked up yesterday. It's a 51 plate Thunder. I had a 280 mile journey home from Twickenham and I must admit for the first 230 miles I was thinking this is good but I'm not sure why people rave about them so much. After Froncysyllte the A5 became emptier and twistier through the mountains. Let's just say now I know!

It needs a good service and a couple of rear tyres but is otherwise seems mechanically sound. The only other issues are the driver's side rear arch (!) - it's had the Peugeot wing repair done at some point in the past but it looks as though part of the repair section is lifting (I'll post pics once I've worked out how to) and the driver's side window - it slips down of its own accord but won't go back up. I stopped off part way home and took the door card off and when I lifted the glass pressing the switch would give about an inch of travel up and down before jamming again. I guess that means the switch, motor and electrics are ok and it's something to do with the mechanism - if I'm lucky maybe a good clean and re-grease will sort it but any suggestions as to what it might be and how to cure it gratefully received.For now it's held up with a block of wood in the time-honoured bodge.

I took it for a spin along some of my favourite local b-roads this morning and it had me grinning - ideal car for round here!







8) Fun way to end up in car ownership.

Good luck with the Puma, looks like it has most of it's original features, except the terrible 6 CD changer head unit.

The Magnum grey is a great colour.
Congratulations on getting a Puma, you certainly live in an area with great driving road's, which are far better maintained than my area. Will be up in Snowdonia in June, never spotted a Puma last year and I drove just under 1,000 miles in the week. The road from Penmachno towards Blaneau is a favourite blast.
Welcome to this site, from a lurker on the brown pages. Jealous of the roffle win!
How funny, this weekend just gone I drove all the way from the Bristol area through South Wales and Snowdonia to the Anglesey circuit to do a track day in my puma engined fiesta and then back home again!
My Old Car, glad to see it running !
I did 80k in it, then sold it to Dan, 5 years ago. FYI I put Eibach springs on it and had the arches done a long time ago (I'll check the warranty, but I think it will have expired !)
Keep the shiny side up !

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