Iddle dropping while pressing the clutch


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Nov 24, 2015

So my little love has encountered a small problem for two days now.
So when i am driving, all is fine but when i am coming to a stop, I start pressing the brake, slowing down, and finally I press the clutch to get in neutral. Now when i press the clutch my RPM drops from current down to around 400-500 and rises back again.

Any idea what can this be?
I am looking forward for a MAF cleaning but worst case TPS and ICV should be the problem.
How can I test which is with the bad dju-dju?
well everybody says it's the IAC... anyway tomorrow i am so going to change a lot of things:
axle boots
shifter seals
shifter oil :)

we will take a look too on the IAC and MAF
Check the clutch pedal switch, as well:
no, the problem is that mine is dropping, not staying :) although at higher speed if i left the gas pedal, the rpm was stuck high until i pressed the clutch... but i think this is normal as it is an aspirated engine
Mine does this but only when there is an electrical load on the engine (i.e. heated windscreen is on). Haven't done too much investigating but would be interested to hear if you get it sorted!

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