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Major Malfunction

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Sep 21, 2015
Hi, I've had an engine lamp on for a while now, its related to a P0420 catalytic converter code. Tried replacing the rear lambda but had no success. However, I've heard rumours that this will be an MOT failure from May 2018 onwards!

I don't really want to throw more parts at it, it passes MOT emission tests easy (up until now) and drives absolutely fine, so started to look at MIL eliminators.

I see Pumaspeed sell this adapter:

My question is has anyone used one before or even made their own MIL eliminator? :)
I have one for sale if you want it.

Just had a look on the link of yours and that isn't the actual MAL Eliminator. The proper one plugs into the lambda plug and is the one I have.
P0420 is cat efficiency which is why a sensor change did nothing. Also note this is just to tell you the car is more polluting than tolerance, hence why it runs OK. Only issue would be emissions tests but looks like you're lucky with those.

Extension elbow might work but its still an ECU decision whether to record the code. Electronics inline with the sensor also an alternative and probably more reliable a fix. Both detectable on the test.

A third alternative would be an earlier ECU - they don't require a post-cat measurement.

Edit - option four - you do also of course have the option of fitting an efficient cat :grin:

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