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Jan 5, 2020
I've had problems with my puma for a number of months.

The car initially ran fine when I bought it. The car runs on gas and also petrol

After going on a long run, the car started making popping sounds and would cut out.
It's like the fuel comes back through the intake and backfires out of the airbox.

The idle is also very erractic.
If I;m on the motorway I can drive the car on gas at over 4000rom without problems for many hours.
However it will make a popping sound at low speed and low revs and most times it will cut out.

I can also drive the car on petrol up to around 4000rpm, but then the engine doesn't seem to get enough fuel and cant go any further.

So far I have changed....

MAF sensor
Sparks all leads and coil pack
PCV valve and checked for leaks on the 3 way pipe. andI cant find any vacuum leaks anywhere on the car.
Changed VCT sensor, camshaft sensor, cleaned the air intakce sensor,
new fuel pump (petrol) and petrol filter.
change fuel pressure regulator.
Removed 02 sensor
disconnected battery to reset ecu.
changed oil and oil filter. changed air filter.
changed TPS, and made sure there are no air leaks
ICV valve has been replaced with another one from a working car.

The car will drive hard under hard acceleration so there is no problem with the compression or the timing. it also suggests the VCT is perfectly fine as it will do 115mph non stop without problems.

It appears someone has also removed the CAT (probably for financial gain in the past . this is a common thing in Serbia as we don't have emissions tests. (or at least no one bothers to check emissions.)

no matter what I try I cannot find this problem.

Since the problem also happens on petrol and gas, I know its not the injectors as the gas is introduced into the inlet after the MAF

I have completely run out of ideas, and Ive tried so many ideas that i cant even remember them well enough to list some of them!

The last time it went on the OBD2 reader no faults showed up except low fuel pressure. but this would be normal because the car was not running on petrol at the time.

The car was on the OBD2 reader last January.

But since then I have had an engine check light come on recently.
I cant get to a garage with a Ford OBD2 reader as my puma is an early model which will only take a very rare type of OBD2 reader.

I;m really out of ideas guys. can anyone help? If I cant fix this issue soon I will have to scrap the car.. and that will be another puma off the road.

Since this started happening theres also an intermittent buzzing sound coming from somewhere in the engine. I though it was the exhaust heat shield at first but I have looked at that and the buzzing still remains.

Im also based in Serbia and the language barrier is a big problem.
Thats why the question mark LOL.
Sorry, my general Ford knowledge usually applies but not always I guess. :lol:

I would honestly usually attribute this kind of behavior to the coil pack or a vacuum leak but he seems pretty confident about those.

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