My puma is on Fitment industries (follow me on instagram!)


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Lorenzo Zaga

Jun 1, 2021
Hello guys! I want to share with you my happiness for this! My puma after all works and mods done on it, is on fitment industries, a web site that shows cars with modified rims and suspensions, its the first puma in this web site, and it makes me happy, i hope with this little thing, to give to all puma's an opportunity to appear in the actual times, and to remind to all, the beauty and the style of the ford puma, an ageless beauty. I have an instagram page and on it i share my life and my puma, who wants can follow me (i certainly refollow you) and who wants can search on the fitment industries gallery Ford 1997 Puma mk1 (on the site there isn't puma but other models or model, choose this), my instagram name is "giuly_lori_20" thanks to all. I'm very happy to be on project puma with you!! :grin:

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