Old Ford Rally Gaydon museum 23/07/23


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Just a reminder, tickets are now available for the Old Ford rally at the British Motor Museum at Gaydon, tickets cost £9 for your car and one passenger and also gives access to the Museum and Collection centre, which are very good. I have just booked our ticket. I'm trying to get as many Puma's as possible there, Kevin Leek is also going with his rally Puma.
Hi John, if the Puma doesn't pass its MOT, due to needing welding, do you know if we can come in any car please?
If it has to be a Ford we have a Mk 3 Focus that is much more likely will be running than the Puma!
As far as I know, any Ford can book for the post 95 area, a friend of mine took a fairly new Focus last year, as his Fiesta Supersport had a problem.
Hope that your Puma doesn't fail the MOT though, but it would be good to see you again.
Great, hope the Puma makes it, but it'll be good to see you again in any case. I'll be taking my Medium Steel blue Puma, not the Red one !
Will be good to catch with you and Kevin again and meet the old gimmer for the first time too!
Good news! Pumy has passed her MOT, albeit with rusty wheel arch and foggy healight advisories!
So Pumers, you shall go to the ball!
See you guys on Sunday. Are there any all together parking arrangements and what time will people be turning up?
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That's great news, bet that's quite a relief.

We have to park in the post 95 section, I would like us to all park together, but as I haven't been before, I'm unsure if that will be possible. I'm planning on getting there about 09.30, but I suspect there may be long queue, if it's anything like some help g the bigger shows that I've been to in the past.

Looking forward to seeing you and your lovely Puma again.

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