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Nice work!
Do you think the warmer climate of Malta has helped contribute with the condition?
st220kyle said:
Nice work!
Do you think the warmer climate of Malta has helped contribute with the condition?

Thanks! Yes, the Maltese climate for sure did its part. My previous Puma which was imported from the UK in 2009 was just 12 years old at the time and was already crumbling to pieces.

However if it wasn't for the Dinitrol, it wouldn't be in this condition today. Rear boot and boot opening has some rot for instance so you wouldn't expect the arches and sills to still look like new.
Araldite is more useful than I thought. My headlamp seals were falling apart and the door card tops were peeling and got detached from the weather strip. In both cases I used tons of Araldite and taped over overnight to bond well.

Before I glued the headlamp seals, I adjusted the bonnet catch so that the bonnet can easily lock into place without the need to slam it (what probably ruined the seals in the first place).

For the door cards, I also bought new clips from the Ford dealer as the ones they had were slightly bigger and weren't fitting as they should. Centres were re-covered with a carbon fibre effect vinyl by the previous owner and will leave them as is for now (unless I can find original fabric).

A bit of a messy job but without cheap and ready replacements, I think the end result is OK and the cabin is now (nearly) rattle free :grin:





240096540_539737437240108_112672348330203146_n (2).jpg

Sourced original 6000CD :) I will also get one of these cheap aux cables to connect my spotify 8)

Some more work done on the Puma this weekend. First up was finding a scrapped Fiesta mk6 from which I got the calipers and carriers to fit the larger 258mm discs. The Puma's horn also recently gave up so I removed the one of the Fiesta as well and had them replaced.

Then I connected the 6000CD head unit but realised the previous owner's wiring to install additional speakers and the Kenwood head unit is a bit of a mess so will tidy that up first to get rid of any old non-original wiring.

Lastly, I dismantled the rear seats and quarter cards of my old Puma as it will be donating its rear side windows (Black one's rubber shrunk). I also discovered that the Toyota Starlet's rear tailgate window seal (which you can buy new) is almost identical to the Puma one so will attempt to use that as a replacement to the old perished one :idea:

Hopefully it will then go to the body shop, has its minor rust on the tailgate surround professionally cut and have a partial respray and a full machine polish :)




Got some more done today...removed all the trim in the back mainly to remove all the extra wires but also to prepare for the side windows replacement and better inspect for any rust. All seems in good nick though apart from the tailgate surround area which I was aware of and some surface rust under the driver's door seal :) I like how relatively easy and intuitive it is to work on the puma (compared to say german cars of the same era).


Rear windscreen seal bought as well. Toyota Starlet EP90 but looks exactly the same and is a bit longer than the Puma's too, all for Eur30 :)

Finally started on the bodywork. Had it all done by a trusted garage (the same one who discovered 206 front arches can repair a puma's rears :) ) in 1 day and it's now ready for paint. Rear screen and rear side windows removed which revealed some rust hiding very well under the seals. Some small patches were also cut on the tailgate and tailgate surround. That's the only rust he could find so not too bad :grin:

It will now go for painting of the bonnet, tailgate and upper sides plus a full machine polish.


Just out of interest, you will be using the same windows again or you have new spares? If you are reusing the originals, how did you manage to tke them down without damage?
A full rear quarter panel would be really expensive, I'd suggest speaking with a body shop to see what they'd charge to cut it out and replace by welding in new metal.

Have a look -->here<-- for replacement panels
Wild E. Coyote said:
Just out of interest, you will be using the same windows again or you have new spares? If you are reusing the originals, how did you manage to tke them down without damage?

Side windows were removed from a donor and re-fitted whereas the original tailgate screen was re-fitted. All glass was removed using a scissors air-tool and re-fitted using Bostik sealant plus a new Toyota Starlet EP90 rear screen seal for the rear screen.
Puma's back from the painter. It had a partial respray and a full machine polish but it came out so good it looks like it had a full respray :grin:

Next was re-fitting the side and tailgate glass. Side windows were removed from one of the donor pumas as the rubber was in better nick and didn't have aftermarket tint. All glass was removed with an air-tool and re-fitted using Bostik sealant. For the tailgate glass, a new Toyota Starlet EP90 rubber seal was used - it's exactly as original but needs to be cut slightly as it is a bit longer.

I will now apply tons of waxoyl from the inside cavities before re-fitting the interior.

Next up is a total brake overhaul using 258mm calipers and carriers removed from a Fiesta mk6, new discs and braided hoses :thumbs:



Got her back from the mechanic and took her out for a spin this weekend. I still need to put back half of the interior and some little details (like the passenger aribag sticker on dash and no smoking one in the engine bay). Happy with the new 258mm disc setup :grin:







Some more work done...had some dents in the rear quarters pulled out without paint and put most of the interior back in :D Still looking for a pair of front door cards or chrome/twill fabric...

Some shots I took yesterday :)


Realised I haven't posted in here for a while. Puma was treated to a genuine set of top mount assemblies and new tyres all round. I've replaced the headlamps with the 1.4 one as they were in much better nick (after some polish) :)

I've also found a nice steering wheel from Germany but haven't got round to install yet. Still on the lookout for a nice pair of door cards though...



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