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Mar 15, 2022
Hi All.

My name is Pedro Cruz and I'm from Portugal.

I just bought two Puma 1.7, one will be a original one, and other I am consider to make a FRP replica to use in trackdays.
I hope you can help me with some advices.

I already had bad news, because I want to install a miltek exhasut, but they don't make it anymore. They can produce it if it is a 25 systems order. they won't do a one off.
I was wondering if anyone wants to join me and make it possible?

Thank you,


Pedro Cruz
Hi Pedro,

Welcome to the site!

I think it would be a challenge to make an FRP replica in the UK given the parts availability, let alone somewhere else, but I applaud you for attempting it and would like to see the progress!

To get the best visibility on the exhaust interest I would post a specific thread about it in the 'Under the Bonnet' section and then also reach out to the FB group.
Hi Pedro
I'm from Portugal and I have the same project in mind, so if you are interested send an PM to me.
All the best,

Nuno Silva
Hi guys!

I am from Portugal too!! In my living area it´s hard to see other´s ford puma! :cool: :cool:
I have a 1.4 ford puma 1999, probaly donne 1k miles on it, it has 101k! My idea is to make the most ^ legal ^track car!
The most I donne so far was servicing the brakes oil and now i´m gonna make a general one!

Best regards, and sorry for the bad english!!

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