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I dont have aircon myself but I hear it sucks a lot of power and can cause probs with revs up and down etc, but it still shouldnt stall completely so maybe its the case the aircon is just helping to show up another problem like the air box lid / crack or a duff plug or failing coilpack or an ICV that needs replacing
Putting my air con on briefly pulls the revs down by around two rpm then it pulls back up again.

On the edge of a stall, it would be normal for the battery light (and others) to come on/flicker. If you were to completely stall it, I would say the battery light would come on.

Not much help probably, but that's all I can think of at the moment.....
Well i was going around a busy bend today joining the M6. Turned the wheel hard left to go around the bend just before heading out into the round a bout and the car stalled as i dipped the clutch to drop down to 2nd.

It happened so fast - the steering wheel locked and i couldnt turn it, resulting in me crashing the car onto the grass :(

The car is fine, no damage. I am fine (shook up and now very frightened to drive the Puma).

I really don't know what is best now. Considering getting rid :(
Sorry to hear about this, it sounds like a good idea not to drive it for the time being, but hopefully premature to think about getting rid of it just yet.

I think perhaps its time to get the car scanned for faults to pin the problem down
Check and clean your battery connectors. They should be seated very firmly.
Any movement there can cause car to stall. Mine did that.
Sorry to bring up an old thread, but did you ever get to the root of the problem? My Puma's engine speeds seems to dip to 600rpm when dipping the clutch and turning the wheel at low speeds. Not quite enough to stall it, but enough to concern me :?

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