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Dec 24, 2023
Hey guys, I have been on a break from working on my car as I have been trying to find the oil leak issue and I would like to find out from you guys any possible clues or places where oil should leak. Couple of weeks ago me and my dad did the oil sump together and this was our second try at trying to fix the leak but unfortunately despite adding quite a bit of sealant on both upper and lower sump. We cleaned off the old sealant the best we could, we sanded it down as finely as we could with 500 or 600 grit sand paper. Unfortunately after all of that effort oil is still leaking and in fact, its leaking a lot more than before. My dad suspects it could be somewhere up higher in the engine as there is a build up of oil just underneath inlet manifold. My dad also put a paper towel on the lower part of the engine block and the oil leak stopped. I should stress this as well that the rocker cover has been changed to a brand new one but I doubt that it could be the cause unless I could be wrong. My only suspicion is the crankcase breather box but I don't know how that box could leak so much oil. I mean that's my rough guess but do you guys have any possible suggestions?


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Unfortunately I can't help much as I haven't had any oil leaks apart from the cam cover gasket, which I spent a lot of time cleaning the surfaces and using a recommended Elring gasket, without using any sealant and torquing up to the specified figure (10nm if I remember correctly) , this stopped the oil leaking to the area around the plugs.
I'm sure someone else will be able to give more advice.
I had an oil leak on the right hand side of the car in front of the drive shaft which was the camshaft oil seal. it was replaced last week and so far so good.

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