Puma thunder arriving today.....


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Oct 5, 2023
Sooooo...my 2001 Thunder is arriving today. This will be puma number .Its been a long time since I had my first Puma...18 years ago(ish). I've always said it's the best drive ever!!!! But kids,finances,ex-wife etc etc.
It was red, V-reg,had a 57i air kit,over-size 17 " alloys ,OZ multispoke I think...and shifted!!!!
It had a nice little growl to it ,not really sure what the back box was...just gave a nice little growl ,that didn't scare the kids or wake the neighbours...but made you smile.
Anyway...it's been many years since I've had a Puma...any advice is most welcome and appreciated.
The main advice at this point is check the car over, repair rust, treat rust, protect from rust, check and if needed replace service items such as filters, fluids, discs, pads, bushes, bearings.

and enjoy the car :cool:
Welcome back to Puma ownership.
Apart from checking, treating/removing rust, establish when the cambelt etc, was last done.

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